Urbo.ro – Find any business in Romania: more than 100 000 business profiles available!


Find any business in Romania: more than 100 000 business profiles available!

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Urbo App (formerly called UrboPEDIA) – designed for the Romanian market.

If you were ever in need of an ATM nearby, or a non-stop drug store or maybe you were just looking for a cheap shaorma place late at night, then you probably realised the need to look for all these places on your phone, rather than roam around without any actual idea of what you are looking for. Urbo App is here to help you find all these places and more, in all major cities in Romania.

Urbo for Android uses Urbo.ro’s database of businesses: more that 100 000 business profiles from more than 800 categories are at your disposal. With the app, you can browse through businesses, search a business based on different criteria, such as rating, category, price and more, you can find businesses nearby and calculate the route to them, you can add ratings and reviews for businesses and you cand check into places and let your friends know about your whereabouts.

Cheking in allows you to receive badges and titles, which makes this a fun activity. Your check ins may be private or public.

The app allows you to find your way through the urban jungle and also tell everyone else what you found. It is developed by Adulmec – the company that brought you Urbo.ro and the Urbo App for the iPhone.

See more information and download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/iuspNh


Singapore Holiday Guide GPS – Cheaper then a martini and much more relaxing!

Singapore Holiday Guide GPS

Cheaper then a martini and much more relaxing!

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Simple to use and cheaper than a cup of coffee!

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: “These next-gen travel guides can take care of stress-inducing itinerary-planning”

Save hassle, time, money and confusion with research I have already done for you. Why stress about something you can just buy your way out of? I have spent dozens of hours researching the best holiday attractions and settings already for you.

For less than the price of a single beer you can broaden your holiday horizons with dozens of hours of research and programming made simple for you to use.

This is Holiday Makers Guide for Singapore, Malaysia. This app has a simple design that is aimed to give you the handiest, quickest access to enjoy the activities in and around the Singapore area. I am sure you will find it simple to use, with nothing to remember, no passwords to store. We have included the best attractions to save you the time and research. Minimize Hassle and confusion on your holiday!

You will see at the touch of your fingertips a list of the best tourist sites all geared to your current location with directions, location hours, phone numbers, reviews and other google based information available. If you want exciting stories to tell, this app gives you access to live them first! This simple to use app has saved travelers time, money, and hassle by presenting the attraction, google reviews, navigation directions, nearby services, your personal GPS route, custom searching and much much more.

Once the app is open, you will see a list of Attractions. Simply choose an item in the list by touching the attraction you wish to navigate to or learn about. Once the attraction appears on the map, click on the name of the attraction above the map market to view details, contact information, reviews, directions, ticket purchase, hours etc. You may also click to share or send that location or destination with others.

You can feel assured that you have the best rated locations to visit in Singapore all wrapped up in this app on your phone, accessible at any time. This app provides you with access to Reviews, Maps, Phone numbers, Schedules, Routes, Bus Services and a variety of other data. This app is designed to be your ‘best friend’ while visiting Singapore.
You are going to LOVE your exploring this great city! I hope to hear from you in a review on this app!
Happy Travels!

See more information and download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/fYQk3t