Gorspravka widget – Gorspravka – knows where!

Gorspravka widget

Gorspravka – knows where!

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Widget “Gorspravka” is a quick and simple way to search for objects both using the current location and in any of 140 cities, using the “2GIS” database. No huge local database. Quick, easy, lightweight. Only for Russia.
– location-based search “next to me”;
– search firms which are operating at the moment;
– search in any of more than 140 cities;
– display results on the map;
– details of a firm, including an operating hours and contacts;
– all contacts are clickable, ability to call, to send email, to open web site;
– build a route to the found object;
– add the found object to your address book;
– send information about the found object by email;
– search all branches of the organization.

Detail information and download apk file: https://goo.gl/L1W1QQ