Gjoba Mobile (GJM) – Gjobat e automjeteve ne telefonin tuaj.

Gjoba Mobile (GJM)

Gjobat e automjeteve ne telefonin tuaj.

Gjoba Mobile (GJM) screenshot 0Gjoba Mobile (GJM) screenshot 1Gjoba Mobile (GJM) screenshot 2Gjoba Mobile (GJM) screenshot 3Gjoba Mobile (GJM) screenshot 4Gjoba Mobile (GJM) screenshot 5Gjoba Mobile (GJM) screenshot 6Gjoba Mobile (GJM) screenshot 7Gjoba Mobile (GJM) screenshot 8Gjoba Mobile (GJM) screenshot 9Gjoba Mobile (GJM) screenshot 10

Këtu mund të kontrolloni për kundravajtjet rrugore të palikujduara me ane të targës së mjetit dhe numrit të shasisë(17-shifror).

Ky aplikim bën të mundur verifikimin e detyrimeve të pashlyera që qytetari ka në të gjithë Shqipërinë.

Aplikimi rreferohet nje web-servisi si third party.

See more information and download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/VaaZjF


Munich (Metro 24) – Munich (Germany) metro map for app called "Metro 24".

Munich (Metro 24)

Munich (Germany) metro map for app called "Metro 24".

Munich (Metro 24) screenshot 0Munich (Metro 24) screenshot 1Munich (Metro 24) screenshot 2


Munich (Germany) metro map for app called “METRO 24“.

★★★ Features ★★★

✔ Interactive metro map of Munich;
✔ Routes on the map;
✔ Offline and online modes;
✔ Search for closest metro station to location in the city. For example, you can find nearby to which metro station located BMW Museum or anything else;
✔ POI – cafés, night clubs, cinemas, shops and other places of interest nearby to metro stations;
✔ Search for nearby metro station using GPS;
✔ Search for station by voice or manually;
✔ Metro maps of other cities around the world in single app;
✔ And many other features… See complete description of “METRO 24” application.

See detail information and download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/3XNS5n

รถโดยสาร – ค้นหาสายรถเมล์ – "Omnibus" can help you find the walking bus. Easily

รถโดยสาร - ค้นหาสายรถเมล์

"Omnibus" can help you find the walking bus. Easily

รถโดยสาร - ค้นหาสายรถเมล์ screenshot 0รถโดยสาร - ค้นหาสายรถเมล์ screenshot 1รถโดยสาร - ค้นหาสายรถเมล์ screenshot 2รถโดยสาร - ค้นหาสายรถเมล์ screenshot 3รถโดยสาร - ค้นหาสายรถเมล์ screenshot 4รถโดยสาร - ค้นหาสายรถเมล์ screenshot 5รถโดยสาร - ค้นหาสายรถเมล์ screenshot 6รถโดยสาร - ค้นหาสายรถเมล์ screenshot 7

Applications, the “bus” is an application that makes it easy to find bus routes. Whether a bus or van, with the following key features.

– Able to work without the Internet.
– With all of the data buses, Muni. Both buses and vans.
– You can find the line buses by location, type of car, or cables.
– You can search by the bus line. Origin – destination itself
– With a focus on the search. You can work out the details with them.
– For complete information on all Bus, Bus Zone, origin – destination, type of vehicle, bus timing, route to – back.
– Search or browse a different bus without the internet.

Bus information ** All apps option. Is drawn from Muni. Complete.
So if there is a change in the bus. Such as Redirecting run
You can help us by sending it to us to be here. **

Tag: Buses, for Buses, bus routes, bus, van, van, bus, van, bus, travel, Muni, bmta.

See detail information and download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/91ApSS

Audio guides AudioViator – Free audio guides about visit museums, cities & natural parks.

Audio guides AudioViator

Free audio guides about visit museums, cities & natural parks.

Audio guides AudioViator screenshot 0Audio guides AudioViator screenshot 1Audio guides AudioViator screenshot 2Audio guides AudioViator screenshot 3Audio guides AudioViator screenshot 4Audio guides AudioViator screenshot 5Audio guides AudioViator screenshot 6Audio guides AudioViator screenshot 7Audio guides AudioViator screenshot 8Audio guides AudioViator screenshot 9Audio guides AudioViator screenshot 10Audio guides AudioViator screenshot 11Audio guides AudioViator screenshot 12Audio guides AudioViator screenshot 13Audio guides AudioViator screenshot 14Audio guides AudioViator screenshot 15Audio guides AudioViator screenshot 16

With this application you can listen to free audio tours when you travel. It detects your position and it suggests nearby audio guides of AudioViator.com in English, and in Spanish if your language is different that English.

It simple: 1 app, a lot of audio tours and without ads.

You can visit cities, museums, natural and national parks or you can view paintings and listen to its history, secrets and anecdotes, your visit will be better and you will know all details.

Audio guides of the USA as New York, Washington, Chicago, Boston, San Francisco, St. Augustine Florida… of Europe, Italy as Rome, Venice,… Spain as Madrid, Toledo, Barcelona, Valencia… the UK like London, France like Paris…

Monuments and museums as Prado Museum, Louvre, National Gallery, Metropolitan Museum, Mount Rushmore, National Mall, Statue of Liberty, Tower Bridge of London…

Do not you understand the meaning of a painting? Do you want to know the story of your favorite monument? Would you like to lose no detail of your trips?

Download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/uG0I6N

花蓮按摩 – 五行堂足體養生會館在您盡情享受花蓮美好事物,尋幽探訪、欣賞美景之餘,給您享受一段消除疲勞的放鬆之旅,完全除去旅途中的疲憊,明天還能活力十足的走完精彩旅程。



花蓮按摩 screenshot 0花蓮按摩 screenshot 1花蓮按摩 screenshot 2花蓮按摩 screenshot 3花蓮按摩 screenshot 4花蓮按摩 screenshot 5花蓮按摩 screenshot 6花蓮按摩 screenshot 7花蓮按摩 screenshot 8花蓮按摩 screenshot 9花蓮按摩 screenshot 10花蓮按摩 screenshot 11花蓮按摩 screenshot 12花蓮按摩 screenshot 13花蓮按摩 screenshot 14


See detail information and download apk file: https://goo.gl/BHvE0s

Visit National City – Visit National City | Official tourism campaign of the City of National City.

Visit National City

Visit National City | Official tourism campaign of the City of National City.

Visit National City screenshot 0Visit National City screenshot 1Visit National City screenshot 2

Visit National City is the official tourism campaign of the city of National City. The campaign is focused on driving visitors including business travelers, military/defense groups, conventioneers, travelers from Mexico and boat owners to visit, explore, shop, dine and stay in National City. To learn more, please visit visitnationalcity.com

Detail information and download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/PyfHOu