Cataratas del Iguazu – Digital Booklet Iguazu Falls

Cataratas del Iguazu

Digital Booklet Iguazu Falls

Cataratas del Iguazu screenshot 0Cataratas del Iguazu screenshot 1Cataratas del Iguazu screenshot 2Cataratas del Iguazu screenshot 3Cataratas del Iguazu screenshot 4Cataratas del Iguazu screenshot 5Cataratas del Iguazu screenshot 6Cataratas del Iguazu screenshot 7

In this app you will find all useful information to make the most of this wonder of nature information. All trails, paths, updated rates, maps, and services provided by the Iguazu National Park.

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Forever Paris – Audio Guides – Enjoy Paris audio guides featuring paris attractions along with map and photos

Forever Paris - Audio Guides

Enjoy Paris audio guides featuring paris attractions along with map and photos

Forever Paris - Audio Guides screenshot 0Forever Paris - Audio Guides screenshot 1Forever Paris - Audio Guides screenshot 2Forever Paris - Audio Guides screenshot 3Forever Paris - Audio Guides screenshot 4Forever Paris - Audio Guides screenshot 5Forever Paris - Audio Guides screenshot 6Forever Paris - Audio Guides screenshot 7Forever Paris - Audio Guides screenshot 8

Forever Paris is your geo-located personal audio-guide. No more maps and books. You will need only your earphones and a smartphone to enjoy Paris’s most famous attraction. We will provide you with famous attractions along with their position and yours too.
We want you to experience a unique journey in an unconventional way through:

1. Detailed Audioguides (limited in the free version)
2. Complete off-line Paris map
3. Geo-location of your position and all attractions
4. Search and filter features

Currently supported languages are:

Feel free to give us your suggestions and encouragement and
Have a nice journey!

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Mishima Taisha(JP039) – Application configuration is SlideGame,Slide, YouTube, Map, and GoogleSearch.

Mishima Taisha(JP039)

Application configuration is SlideGame,Slide, YouTube, Map, and GoogleSearch.

Mishima Taisha(JP039) screenshot 0Mishima Taisha(JP039) screenshot 1Mishima Taisha(JP039) screenshot 2Mishima Taisha(JP039) screenshot 3Mishima Taisha(JP039) screenshot 4Mishima Taisha(JP039) screenshot 5Mishima Taisha(JP039) screenshot 6Mishima Taisha(JP039) screenshot 7Mishima Taisha(JP039) screenshot 8

The Mishima Taisha is a Shinto shrine in the city of Mishima in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan. It is the ichinomiya of former Izu Province. The main festival of the shrine is held annually on August 16, and features yabusame performances.
The date of Mishima Taisha’s foundation is unknown. Per shrine tradition and Nara period records, the predecessor of the shrine was originally located on Miyakejima but was transferred later from place to place, including Shimoda, and Ohito, before being moved to the present site. In the early Heian period Engishiki records, the shrine is referred to as “Izu Mishima Shrine” located in Kamo county, which is in the southern part of Izu Peninsula.
After the establishment of Izu Province in the mid-Heian period, with its capital located near modern Numazu, the shrine was transferred to its present location, and initially was referred to as the “Shingu” (new shrine).
After he was exiled to Izu, Minamoto Yoritomo worshipped at Mishima Taisha for divine assistance in his struggle to overthrow the Heike clan in the Gempei War. After the successful establishment of the Kamakura Shogunate, he rebuilt the shrine on a large scale, and worship of the Mishima Daimyojin became popular with the samurai class. During the Sengoku period the kami of Mishima Taisha came to be associated with victory in battle, and the shrine was patronized by the Odawara Hojo, the Imagawa clan and the Tokugawa clan.
During the Edo period, Mishima Taisha and its associated post town of Mishima-shuku prospered as a popular pilgrimage stop on the Tokaido highway between Edo and Kyoto. Its torii gate was depicted in an ukiyoe by Ando Hiroshige. A calendar issued by the shrine was carried home by pilgrims from all over Japan, and was known as the “Mishima Calendar.”
From 1871 through 1946, the Mishima Taisha was officially designated one of the Kanpei-taisha, meaning that it stood in the first rank of government supported shrines.

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Trapani UP – Free of Trapani and western Sicily: sleep, discover, eat …

Trapani UP

Free of Trapani and western Sicily: sleep, discover, eat …

Trapani UP screenshot 0Trapani UP screenshot 1Trapani UP screenshot 2Trapani UP screenshot 3Trapani UP screenshot 4Trapani UP screenshot 5Trapani UP screenshot 6Trapani UP screenshot 7Trapani UP screenshot 8Trapani UP screenshot 9Trapani UP screenshot 10Trapani UP screenshot 11Trapani UP screenshot 12Trapani UP screenshot 13Trapani UP screenshot 14Trapani UP screenshot 15

The FREE guide that tells the city of Trapani, the province and all the destinations in Western Sicily: beaches, nature reserves, museums, archaeological parks, historic centers, points of cultural interest, monuments and places more beautiful (Trapani, Erice, San Vito lo Capo, Segesta, Egadi Islands – Favignana, Levanzo and Marettimo – Marsala, Castellammare del Golfo, Selinunte, Alcamo, Castelvetrano …). Trapani Up: everything you need in a single application, a selection of the best restaurants of hotels, b & b, shops for shopping, the shopping malls.

Up Trapani has an interactive map that suggests the closest points of interest: monuments to restaurants, from ATMs to pharmacies, from petrol stations to post offices, medical hospitals by the guards. You can choose to display certain types of points of interest and quickly discover the path to achieve them. The application, a real multimedia guide sponsored by the Province of Trapani, is always up to date on schedules, contact information, pricing … also contains several selections of images.

Trapani Up contains the main news on initiatives in Western Sicily and about offers promoted by advertisers. You can keep up on what is happening in western Sicily consulting the home, where news and events appear in the scrolling list. Trapani Up is packed with useful information on how to move (airports, shipping companies, Ustica Lines hydrofoils for the Egadi Islands), on film and on the daily schedule.

Trapani UP transmits programming EXCLUSIVE RADIO 102!


What are you waiting for? Download it now … is easy and fast 100% FREE … 100% off-line


What do you find within the application:

>> WHAT TO SEE: Churches, monuments, museums, archaeological sites, beaches, nature reserves … all with contacts, opening hours and selection of images

>> WHERE TO EAT: The best restaurants, self-service bars, grastronomie typical, the pizzerias, pastry shops, ice cream parlors … everything and more to satisfy even the most discerning palates

>> WHERE TO STAY: A wide and varied selection of accommodation and extra accommodation in Trapani and western Sicily (Favignana, in Erice, San Vito lo Capo …). The cottages, hotels, b & b, residences, villages. With all the information on the services offered and contacts to book

>> HOW TO MOVE: All means of transport to need to move within our territory, links to official websites, contacts, schedules and prices: from airports to bus stations, ports to coperative taxi, by car to transfer, the cableway to Erice operators to hire boats and rafts …

NIGHT LIFE >>: Useful for those who want to experience the Sicilian night, going around pubs, lounge bars, wine bars, disco pubs and nightclubs … with real-time updates on upcoming events and evenings cool

>> SHOPPING AND LEISURE: A selection of the best negozie and malls, where to give free rein to their shopping desires. The centers for the care of the person, gyms, beauty centers, the parruccherie. The centers of computer and telephony, souvenir shops and typical products

Utiliy >>: A large container of various kinds of information: the location of ATMs, gas stations, pharmacies, health services, the info point, post offices … all organized and displayed by proximity, so as to facilitate you in your search.

>> NEWS and EVENTS: In real time, all the major news (thanks to the collaboration with TELESUD), the events and the most important events. And yet offers and promotions exclusively for all users of Trapani UP

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World of Cologne Cathedral – World of Cologne Cathedral Germany is photo gallery of Cologne Cathedral.

World of Cologne Cathedral

World of Cologne Cathedral Germany is photo gallery of Cologne Cathedral.

World of Cologne Cathedral screenshot 0World of Cologne Cathedral screenshot 1World of Cologne Cathedral screenshot 2World of Cologne Cathedral screenshot 3World of Cologne Cathedral screenshot 4World of Cologne Cathedral screenshot 5

World of Cologne Cathedral Germany is photo gallery of Cologne Cathedral with 100 photos and movies.
You can learn art and history of Cologne Cathedral with photos and YouTube movies.
(Language:Reference text is Japanese only. )

You can also view pictures with Slide show function!

Cologne Cathedral is a World Heritage Site, being one of the best-known architectural monuments in Germany, and Cologne’s most famous landmark, described by UNESCO as an “exceptional work of human creative genius”.
Cologne Cathedral is one of the world’s largest churches, being the largest Gothic church in Northern Europe. For four years, 1880-84, it was the tallest structure in the world, until the completion of the Washington Monument followed by the Eiffel Tower. It has the second-tallest church spires, only surpassed by the single spire of Ulm Cathedral, completed ten years later in 1890. Because of its enormous twin spires, it also presents the largest facade of any church in the world.

Construction of the Gothic church began in 1248 and took, with interruptions, until 1880 to complete
a period of over six hundred years.

This app include Cologne Cathedral History, Architecture reference in Japanese.

RSS tab include Germany Travel info with specific travel articles.

Please enjoy Cologne Cathedral Photo and YouTube gallery!!

Photo data include various pictures of Cologne Cathedral.

This photo gallery app is good for learning Cologne Cathedral!

In YouTube tab, you can enjoy various YouTube movie related to Cologne Cathedral!

Please enjoy World of Cologne Cathedral, the photo gallery of Cologne Cathedral with 100 photos and movies.

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Find Me Croatia – Cool app that challenges your knowledge about Croatia and makes sightseeing fun

Find Me Croatia

Cool app that challenges your knowledge about Croatia and makes sightseeing fun

Find Me Croatia screenshot 0Find Me Croatia screenshot 1Find Me Croatia screenshot 2Find Me Croatia screenshot 3Find Me Croatia screenshot 4Find Me Croatia screenshot 5Find Me Croatia screenshot 6Find Me Croatia screenshot 7Find Me Croatia screenshot 8

Do you think you know Croatia very well?

Test your knowledge with cool new app and find some new places you never knew existed. With Find me Croatia you will discover all that you need to know about Croatia and more, with more than a few type of challenges like cool, history, art, sport, park, night….

With a few tips from this app, you can explore the fields you like and make learning about Croatia easy and fun.

Be your own tourist guide and find out for yourself what interested you the most about this country.

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