FoodNearU–Restaurant Delivery – Enabling delivery from local restaurants with the ease of a click. Order Online.

FoodNearU–Restaurant Delivery

Enabling delivery from local restaurants with the ease of a click. Order Online.

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Looking for food and none of the restaurants near you deliver? Well we do food delivery from all the our restaurants to your home, office or hotel room. Here is where the FoodNearU (aka: food near you )app comes to the rescue! With our FREE app you can:
-Main thing FoodNearU (aka foodnearyou ) offers is you get the food delivered at your location.
-Now All restaurants Deliver. ! Yes we deliver it for your convenience.
-Locate nearby Diners, Restaurant by entering zip code or search from your current location and get your meals delivered to you.
-Looking for a type of Restaurant, You can enter Italian, Mexican, Greek, Indian etc.
-Tired after a long drive and need to order something takeout or delivery just checkout.
-Not able to find the restaurant you are looking. We offer $20 off your first order for the restaurant you refer to us.
– Need to know happy hours nearby. FoodNearU will locate it for you.
– What about past orders? Those are saved for your convenience. Just tap to change the quantity and your new order will be done in snap!
– Browse through all of our full-imaged menus to your heart’s content.
– Need reviews? Yelp is integrated to make it more convenient for you!
– Order take-out or delivery right from the comfort of your phone.
– Make payments worry-free with our secure servers. Our app also safely stores your payment information so you only have to deal with inputting it once!
– Get more discount and deals that you love right at your fingertips!
– As an added bonus, selected restaurants offer loyalty discounts for returning customers.
– Post images of your meal with ease to many different social media sites. Why shouldn’t you try to show off your food?
– Have any questions or concerns? Our app makes it easy for you to get in touch with us.
– Make your life easier. It doesn’t get any easier than our user-friendly app!
Did I mention our app is 100% FREE? So what are you waiting for? Download the FoodNearU app now and see for yourself how we can help make your life easier!

Currently we are serving Livermore, Walnut Creek, Pleasanton, San Ramon, Dublin, Alamo and Danville in short Tri-Valley area. But welcome introduction to restaurant if you have a contact of restaurant owner send it to us. Your First Order from the restaurant is on us.

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台客带路 – 台客带路,让你说行就行 !!台客带路带您享受台北的都会繁华、品味九份的旧情绵绵、领略台南的古都风情、悠游垦丁的海天一色 …,请立刻下载体验吧!


台客带路,让你说行就行 !!台客带路带您享受台北的都会繁华、品味九份的旧情绵绵、领略台南的古都风情、悠游垦丁的海天一色 …,请立刻下载体验吧!

台客带路 screenshot 0台客带路 screenshot 1台客带路 screenshot 2台客带路 screenshot 3台客带路 screenshot 4台客带路 screenshot 5

台客带路,让你说行就行 !!

在台湾这片可爱的土地上,台客带路带您享受台北的都会繁华、品味九份的旧情绵绵、领略台南的古都风情、悠游垦丁的海天一色、惊艳花东的壮丽磅礡、特色离岛的多姿多彩 …,还有许许多多令人为之惊艳的美丽景点,不同季节的来访有着不同的迷人滋味,现在下载台客带路,就能享受最全面的、最地道的旅游信息!享受不同的游玩乐趣。走吧!台客带路带您玩遍全台湾!

叫车服务:24 小时叫车服务,让您随叫随到 24 小时 VIP 真人语音客服服务,您只管专心的玩乐,旅游发生的大小事就交给我们吧。



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Daytrip Coupons Iceland 4+1 – The Iceland Day Trips Coupon app provides 4+1 deals on scheduled day trips.

Daytrip Coupons Iceland 4+1

The Iceland Day Trips Coupon app provides 4+1 deals on scheduled day trips.

Daytrip Coupons Iceland 4+1 screenshot 0Daytrip Coupons Iceland 4+1 screenshot 1Daytrip Coupons Iceland 4+1 screenshot 2Daytrip Coupons Iceland 4+1 screenshot 3Daytrip Coupons Iceland 4+1 screenshot 4Daytrip Coupons Iceland 4+1 screenshot 5Daytrip Coupons Iceland 4+1 screenshot 6Daytrip Coupons Iceland 4+1 screenshot 7Daytrip Coupons Iceland 4+1 screenshot 8Daytrip Coupons Iceland 4+1 screenshot 9Daytrip Coupons Iceland 4+1 screenshot 10Daytrip Coupons Iceland 4+1 screenshot 11Daytrip Coupons Iceland 4+1 screenshot 12Daytrip Coupons Iceland 4+1 screenshot 13Daytrip Coupons Iceland 4+1 screenshot 14Daytrip Coupons Iceland 4+1 screenshot 15Daytrip Coupons Iceland 4+1 screenshot 16Daytrip Coupons Iceland 4+1 screenshot 17Daytrip Coupons Iceland 4+1 screenshot 18Daytrip Coupons Iceland 4+1 screenshot 19Daytrip Coupons Iceland 4+1 screenshot 20Daytrip Coupons Iceland 4+1 screenshot 21Daytrip Coupons Iceland 4+1 screenshot 22Daytrip Coupons Iceland 4+1 screenshot 23

The Iceland Day Trips Coupon app provides 4+1 deals on scheduled day trips and gives you access to other adventures through online booking. The app is free.

4+1 deals on scheduled day trips from Reykjavik:
– Golden Circle day trip
– Blue Lagoon Geothermal day trip
– South Coast day trip
– Northern Light evening trip

Also available through online booking:
– Customized trips
– Private tours
– Stop over tours
– Family trips
– Honeymoon trips
– Shopping trips

Iceland is a paradise island which is hard to describe; otherworldly, friendly, unique are some the words frequently used. You should be here – come and see for yourself.

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여행바구니 – 유럽배낭여행 모든것 (오프라인 지도) – Come to the Homestay Bed & Breakfast Reservation Basket Korean Europe!

여행바구니 - 유럽배낭여행 모든것 (오프라인 지도)

Come to the Homestay Bed & Breakfast Reservation Basket Korean Europe!

여행바구니 - 유럽배낭여행 모든것 (오프라인 지도) screenshot 0여행바구니 - 유럽배낭여행 모든것 (오프라인 지도) screenshot 1여행바구니 - 유럽배낭여행 모든것 (오프라인 지도) screenshot 2여행바구니 - 유럽배낭여행 모든것 (오프라인 지도) screenshot 3여행바구니 - 유럽배낭여행 모든것 (오프라인 지도) screenshot 4여행바구니 - 유럽배낭여행 모든것 (오프라인 지도) screenshot 5여행바구니 - 유럽배낭여행 모든것 (오프라인 지도) screenshot 6여행바구니 - 유럽배낭여행 모든것 (오프라인 지도) screenshot 7

Got the bed & breakfast reservations yet?
Booking Site Come to Bed & Breakfast Europe Koreans basket!
[May event in progress;

2015.05.01 Update Fixed some bugs

2015.01.27 Update Fixed some bugs

2014.10.23 Update Fixed some bugs

2014.07.28 Update Fixed some bugs

Fixed a bug that stopped in Paris 2014.05.08 Update
————————————————– —————————————
Did you have a heavy travel book with maps danisi yet?

Did I receive the money one city while down the information?

Dwijeokyimyeo use a dictionary from foreign travel app?

Everything in one trip to Europe – “travel baskets”

No local data costs, you can also see a map with information offline.

– Europe in 14 countries, 40 cities of the only information they want to pick Download!

– The preparation of all the information traveling from Europe to practice

– Real-time updates to reflect operating Naver Cafe

– Bed & Breakfast establishments Korean Register

– European travel essential basic information

– Currency converter

– Find a tour accompanied by

– The country, the city continued to add jobs

For details and more information, please visit Naver Cafe.

Corrections or questions, please e-mail data.

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Paris Travel Vacation Guide – If it's your first time to Paris,There's no way you'll get to do it all

Paris Travel Vacation Guide

If it's your first time to Paris,There's no way you'll get to do it all

Paris Travel Vacation Guide screenshot 0Paris Travel Vacation Guide screenshot 1Paris Travel Vacation Guide screenshot 2Paris Travel Vacation Guide screenshot 3Paris Travel Vacation Guide screenshot 4

This Paris guide is our reliable and easy-to-use travel companion. Find directions with detailed offline maps, in-depth travel content, popular attractions and insider tips with this Paris city guide.
Plan and have the perfect trip! Book your hotel and enjoy restaurant reviews and shared user content.
Here is why 15+million travelers love Ulmon Offline & City Guides:

Didn’t you always want to have an easily portable and compact travel assistant that allows planning your trips to foreign countries and cities upfront? So turn your smartphone or tablet into a digital Paris City Guide and planner leading you through YOUR choices of restaurants, hotels and which attractions to visit. Enjoy recommendations and reviews of other enthusiastic travelers and tourists. Always keep your orientation and find the direction to the next place; completely without roaming and offline.
With this Paris offline map and city guide you enjoy a wide variety of advantages:

Simply download and try this Paris city guide for free. There is absolutely no risk, and we’re sure you’ll love it!

Never get lost and keep your orientation. See your location on the Paris offline map, even without an internet connection. Find streets, attractions, restaurants, hotels, local nightlife and other POIs – and get guided in the walking direction of places you want to see.

Have all the information offline and freely portable. For each destination, access comprehensive and up-to-date information covering thousands of places, attractions, points of interest and many hotel booking options within this Paris travel guide.

Find the best restaurants, shops, attractions, hotels, bars, etc. Search by name, browse by category or discover nearby places using your device’s GPS – even offline and without data roaming.

Find tips and recommendations from locals and tourists. Browse offline in this Paris guide for the most popular attractions, restaurants, shops, hotels, nightlife places, etc.

Create lists of places you want to visit. Pin existing places, like your hotel or a recommended restaurant, to the map. Add your own pins to the map. Find and book hotels from within this Paris city guide.

The Paris Offline Map and the Paris CIty Guide content are fully downloaded and stored on your device. All features, such as address searches and your GPS location also work offline and without data roaming (an internet connection is of course required for initial downloading of data or booking hotels).

Map data and POI are provided by OpenStreetMap and are regularly updated by us. To check the level of detail, go to The same applies to Wikipedia travel articles.


Paris the capital of France; the most famous tourist destination in the world. Sightseeing at its best; the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, Versailles, Montmartre and many more. Taking the metro and using this tourist guide and its Wikipedia articles you will not miss a single attraction!

Ulmon, the makers of this Paris travel guide app, are a small team of enthusiastic travel freaks in Vienna, Austria. We aim to assist tourists around the world with a portable planner, assistant and trip companion for their vacations and explorations

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Visiting Manchester – Visiting Manchester? Bringing together all that's Manchester in a central hub .

Visiting Manchester

Visiting Manchester? Bringing together all that's Manchester in a central hub .

Visiting Manchester screenshot 0Visiting Manchester screenshot 1Visiting Manchester screenshot 2Visiting Manchester screenshot 3

Visiting Manchester?
Bringing together all that’s Manchester in a central hub
Need a cheap flight or hotel?

This app is a guide full of features, what and where to go, video uploads and photos all to help you explore this great city. With some great links to give you the best information when you want it. All the gossip official and unofficial.
If you are coming to Manchester to watch the football great Manchester City or Manchester United will certainly entertain you, our app will help you enjoy your visit.

What to do in manchester? yes
News on Manchester? yes
Find restaurants? yes
Travel information? yes
Map? yes
Video uploads & photography? yes
Social Media and gossip? yes
Need an Osteopath? yes

If you like it, rate it or if you think it could do with some more information let us know, thanks!
Minimal advertising to help fund the app

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Sardinia Sites – Map location and description of Sardinia's most famous nuraghi and beaches.

Sardinia Sites

Map location and description of Sardinia's most famous nuraghi and beaches.

Sardinia Sites screenshot 0Sardinia Sites screenshot 1Sardinia Sites screenshot 2Sardinia Sites screenshot 3

This is a lightweight app containing location and description of:
130 nuraghi,
240 beaches,
70 churches.
It also provides easy access to online search for images, texts,… and directions for each site.
It does not collect any data nor it displays advertisements.

Google Play Services,
online access – for Google Maps, Directions and Search
device location – only if Directions are wanted

Download apk file: