Location Alarm – New to the city? Afraid to miss your destination? set alarm based on destination

Location Alarm

New to the city? Afraid to miss your destination? set alarm based on destination

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New to the city? Afraid to miss your destination or a location you dont know about?
Never worry again, this app lets you set an alarm based on destination.

Everyone feels tired and exhausted at the end of the day.
The long travel back home, through public transport adds to further misery.

Use this app to your advantage. Indulge in a nap, without having to worry about missing your stop.
Yes, this app lets you set-up an alarm that wakes you up when your destination is approaching.

This app boasts off the following features:-
* Set alarm based on destination.
* Supports multiple destination alarms at a time.
* Adaptively changes GPS location request depending on distance for better battery usage.
* Set favourite destinations, use it offline.
* Alerts based on proximity of the location.
* Supports destination search.
* New UI design.
* Custom alarm sound and vibration settings.
* Satellite View.

See detail information and download apk file: https://goo.gl/JpAklK


장보러노량진 – Noryangjin Fish Market real-time information (address, phone number, items, prices, or other) applications


Noryangjin Fish Market real-time information (address, phone number, items, prices, or other) applications

장보러노량진 screenshot 0장보러노량진 screenshot 1장보러노량진 screenshot 2장보러노량진 screenshot 3장보러노량진 screenshot 4장보러노량진 screenshot 5장보러노량진 screenshot 6장보러노량진 screenshot 7

It noryangjin see chapter is an application that shows a real-time consumer information on Noryangjin Fish Market.

Location of stores, opening hours, products, quotes, exposed phone number, service history, etc. in real time will help to purchase goods.

* Noryangjin fish market and has the most professional affiliate stores of applications (currently of growing)

* Helps convenient purchasing of consumer prices by item.

See more information and download apk file: https://goo.gl/W12MPX

Bahamas Hotels – Grab hotel best deals with Bahamas Hotels apps. Start book your room now!!!

Bahamas Hotels

Grab hotel best deals with Bahamas Hotels apps. Start book your room now!!!

Bahamas Hotels screenshot 0Bahamas Hotels screenshot 1Bahamas Hotels screenshot 2Bahamas Hotels screenshot 3Bahamas Hotels screenshot 4

Grab hotel best deals with Bahamas Hotels apps.
If you planning travel to Bahamas get this Bahamas Hotels app and book your room with this app.
Bahamas Hotels app is totally convenience and easy to use.
You just need to enter your travel date, check out date and number of guest.
Bahamas Hotels app will list the available hotel and just book hotel that you prefer.
You also can book hotel around you or other place with this Bahamas Hotels app.
Bahamas Hotels app can let you check out all the hotel details, pictures and many more.
This Bahamas Hotels is the only app you need to travel n book your hotel.
Don’t wait anymore. Download and book your room now in Bahamas!!!

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WiFly – Free Airport WiFi – Stay connected in airports around the World. Connect to over 300 Wi-Fi hotspots

WiFly - Free Airport WiFi

Stay connected in airports around the World. Connect to over 300 Wi-Fi hotspots

WiFly - Free Airport WiFi screenshot 0WiFly - Free Airport WiFi screenshot 1WiFly - Free Airport WiFi screenshot 2

The most complete data base of WiFi SSIDs, passwords and recommendations how to stay online wherever you fly.
The data is available for the most popular airports of the world, including airports of Dubai, Heathrow, JFK, Newark & Atlanta.

Paid and free hotspots.

Plug type and recommendations for every airport, to stay charged

Works offline

Download apk file: https://goo.gl/TRkQev

Calculadora Turismo CO₂ Legal – Calculates offsets the CO₂ footprint of their air travel and save forests

Calculadora Turismo CO₂ Legal

Calculates offsets the CO₂ footprint of their air travel and save forests

Calculadora Turismo CO₂ Legal screenshot 0Calculadora Turismo CO₂ Legal screenshot 1Calculadora Turismo CO₂ Legal screenshot 2Calculadora Turismo CO₂ Legal screenshot 3Calculadora Turismo CO₂ Legal screenshot 4Calculadora Turismo CO₂ Legal screenshot 5

Tourism CO₂ Cool is an environmental initiative that began in 2009, the Environmental Protection Area Coast of Itacaré / Serra Grande (BA) and was recognized by UNESCO in 2011, as an example of new and good education practices for sustainable development . In 2013, one of five initiatives approved in the Notice TAM Sustainability, the program enters a new stage to gain scale, consolidate and be replicated in other tourist destinations in Bahia and Brazil.

The program is designed to bring simple and practical solutions for four serious and complex problems:
1) the destruction of forests;
2) poverty in rural areas;
3) global warming and climate change and;
4) the negative social and environmental impacts of tourism.

The proposal is to promote the commitment of all that directly or indirectly relate to tourism: companies and businesses as well as tourists, offsetting CO₂ emissions generated by their activities. It serves as a platform to integrate the interests of these different actors.

The funds generated by offsets emissions are allocated to traditional farmers who live in the forests. By being involved in the program now receive a payment for environmental services and make the following commitments:
– Keep the remaining forests of its properties;
– Reforestation their deforested areas;
– Adopting conservation farming practices;
– Do not hunt, or use fire for clearing fields;
– Enroll your children in school;
– Participate in the training offered.

Thus, farmers who once lived in socially vulnerable situations and acting as agents of environmental degradation come to play the role of protagonists of environmental conservation.

See more information and download apk file: https://goo.gl/0N7kaN

Phrygian Way – Official mobile app for the Phrygian Way

Phrygian Way

Official mobile app for the Phrygian Way

Phrygian Way screenshot 0Phrygian Way screenshot 1Phrygian Way screenshot 2Phrygian Way screenshot 3Phrygian Way screenshot 4Phrygian Way screenshot 5Phrygian Way screenshot 6Phrygian Way screenshot 7

This app will guide you on the Phrygian Way, with maps, points of interest, accommodation places and many photos of the Phrygian Way.

– GPS navigation for the Phrygian Way routes, which works without internet access;
– Current location together with the remaining distance to your destination;
– Points of interest are listed according to their distance and grouped by type (eg accommodation, natural features). Description and several photos for each point;
– Plan your walks by choosing departure and arrival points and the app will guide you through your trip. Download only the maps you need for your chosen route.
– To focus in fine detail on your current location, (ie. while you are using the trail) switch on the‘follow me’ option from the settings.

About the Phrygian Way

The Phrygian Trekking Route is one of the longest trails in Turkey. Planned with great care for the comfort and enjoyment of hikers, the route passes through the renowned Phrygian Valleys where hikers may visit the ruins of ancient civilisations and enjoy the natural beauty of the region. The Trekking Route is 506 kilometres long, and is marked with red-white waymarks in accordance with international standards. The Route has three starting points and the trails meet at the Yazilikaya (Inscribed Rock), which was a focal point for the Phrygians. Hikers may start the route at the following points: 1) Gordium (Polatli, Ankara), 2) Seydiler (Afyonkarahisar), and 3) Yenice Farm Ciftligi (Ahmetoglu Village, Kutahya).

The project is sponsored by FRIGKUM (Association for Development and Protection of Phrygian Cultural Heritage) and was completed in 2013 by a small volunteer team led by Huseyin Sari. The Route was planned in order to introduce trekkers and cyclists to Phrygian culture, and to enable them to enjoy a safe journey through the Phrygian Valleys along trails once used by the Phrygians.

The trail starts at Gordium, the political capital of the Phrygians, then follows the valley of the Porsuk (ancient Tembris) River, passes through Sivrihisar (ancient Spaleia), and arrives at Pessinous (Ballikaya), another important Phrygian settlement. The trail then enters the valley of the Sakarya (ancient Sangarius) River, where you enter a completely different world. After the Sakarya Valley, the trail enters the region known as Mountainous Phrygia. The trail then reaches the Yazilikaya, the site of the Midas monument, which formed the cult centre of the Phrygians. Here the trail splits into two. One branch leads to Findikli Village passing through the Asmainler, Zahran, and Inli Valleys, once home to Phrygian settlements. This branch terminates at Yenice Farm on the highway between Kutahya and Eskisehir. The other branch passes through Saricaova, a picturesque Circassian village, and Doger, town in Afyonkarahisar. The trail then takes you through Ayazini Town before coming to an end at Seydiler, on the highway between Afyonkarahisar and Ankara. Hikers who complete these trails will treasure the memory forever.
The best time to trek is spring and autumn, but there are different attractions in all seasons. Along the trail, there are plenty of springs for water year-round.

See more information and download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/kLmXKf

Ronda Ciudad Soñada – Tour guide will know where every part of the dream city

Ronda Ciudad Soñada

Tour guide will know where every part of the dream city

Ronda Ciudad Soñada screenshot 0Ronda Ciudad Soñada screenshot 1Ronda Ciudad Soñada screenshot 2Ronda Ciudad Soñada screenshot 3Ronda Ciudad Soñada screenshot 4Ronda Ciudad Soñada screenshot 5Ronda Ciudad Soñada screenshot 6Ronda Ciudad Soñada screenshot 7Ronda Ciudad Soñada screenshot 8Ronda Ciudad Soñada screenshot 9

Enjoy a unique experience with the best tour guide in which you will find all the charms of a city that will captivate you.

All the information you need in the palm of your hand.

– Catalog Monumental.
– Museum Guide.
– Party with attraction.
– Information of interest.

Plus …
– Audio guides.
– Geolocation.
– Gastronomy.
– Accommodation.

See detail information and download apk file: https://goo.gl/wrg5TB