Street Router – ứng dụng android hỗ trợ người Việt tìm đường đi và tham gia giao thông.

Street Router

ứng dụng android hỗ trợ người Việt tìm đường đi và tham gia giao thông.

Street Router screenshot 0Street Router screenshot 1Street Router screenshot 2Street Router screenshot 3Street Router screenshot 4Street Router screenshot 5Street Router screenshot 6Street Router screenshot 7Street Router screenshot 8Street Router screenshot 9Street Router screenshot 10Street Router screenshot 11

Ứng dụng có các chức năng chính:

– Tìm kiếm đường đi bằng xe buýt từ 2 đến 4 điểm. (hỗ trợ thời gian khởi hành, khoảng cách đi bộ, số lần chuyển tuyến tối đa)
– Tìm kiếm đường đi bằng xe máy từ 2 điểm đến 4 điểm.
– Hướng dẫn đường khi tham gia giao thông. Với đường xe buýt, thông báo tại các trạm cần lên và xuống. Với đường đi xe máy, thông báo khi người tham gia giao thông đến các ngã rẽ.
– Phát hiện và thông báo khi người dùng đi sai đường.
– Gợi ý và tìm kiếm lại đường đi đúng khi người dùng đi sai đường.
– Thông báo bằng giọng nói.
– Thông báo trên các đồng hồ thông minh sử dụng Android.
– Hố trợ map offline, khi tham gia giao thông không cần 3G vẫn có thể theo dõi đường đi.
– Cho phép nhập bằng bàn phím hoặc nhập bằng giọng nói.
– Bookmark các địa điểm đã tìm kiếm.

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Wific – The application collects publicly available passwords for Wi-Fi. Works offline.


The application collects publicly available passwords for Wi-Fi. Works offline.

Wific screenshot 0Wific screenshot 1Wific screenshot 2Wific screenshot 3Wific screenshot 4Wific screenshot 5Wific screenshot 6

Users of Wific can connect to more than 20,000 Wi-Fi networks in Europe. The application collects publicly available passwords and allows operators to add Wi-Fi network. Wific does not require any internet connection and runs offline as well.

– works offline
– contains online/cached Google Maps
– possible to obtain additional packages through gathering badges
– searches network according SSID, BSSID or simply in available networks

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Unser Stadtplan Deutschland – Here you will get 1500 current, detailed city maps and circle maps

Unser Stadtplan Deutschland

Here you will get 1500 current, detailed city maps and circle maps

Unser Stadtplan Deutschland screenshot 0Unser Stadtplan Deutschland screenshot 1Unser Stadtplan Deutschland screenshot 2Unser Stadtplan Deutschland screenshot 3Unser Stadtplan Deutschland screenshot 4Unser Stadtplan Deutschland screenshot 5Unser Stadtplan Deutschland screenshot 6Unser Stadtplan Deutschland screenshot 7Unser Stadtplan Deutschland screenshot 8

Our map Germany Edition

Here you will find current, detailed maps and district maps from all over Germany in high quality for which we are far as cartographic publishing house on the borders of the Federal Republic also known.

What does this app:



Detailed information on 1500 municipalities and districts

Millions of POIs

PERFORMANCE; Regional Partners with the latest offers


Detail information and download apk file for your android phone:

Place Tracker-Place Finder – Find best and easiest possible route to your destination.

Place Tracker-Place Finder

Find best and easiest possible route to your destination.

Place Tracker-Place Finder screenshot 0Place Tracker-Place Finder screenshot 1Place Tracker-Place Finder screenshot 2Place Tracker-Place Finder screenshot 3Place Tracker-Place Finder screenshot 4Place Tracker-Place Finder screenshot 5Place Tracker-Place Finder screenshot 6

You can access to multiple local nearest places around you and Navigation for route planing and new route tracking.
Place Tracker will give you the opportunity to find places you love to go, in your city. It will provide you the Navigation to your route. Find best and easiest possible route to your destination.
Here You can track the places around you by below category:
and many places.
Frequently used places are on the screen
More than 90 places are linked in more places
A list of places in your CITY for selected category will shown along with their addresses
Detail of each place, G+, web address/URL, phone number, and many other features are present without any cost

For any query or suggestion please contact us via the

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Desert Safari in Dubai – Download app today, and find best deal and get best safari in Dubai.

Desert Safari in Dubai

Download app today, and find best deal and get best safari in Dubai.

Desert Safari in Dubai screenshot 0Desert Safari in Dubai screenshot 1Desert Safari in Dubai screenshot 2Desert Safari in Dubai screenshot 3Desert Safari in Dubai screenshot 4

Enjoy the thrilling sights and sounds of magnificent Arabian dunes with Best Desert Safari in Dubai! is not only an authentic desert safari specialist, but also an expert in crafting custom-made tour itineraries in Dubai as well as all over the UAE. We create not just an ordinary desert safari or sightseeing trip, but outstanding tour experiences filled with exciting and memorable moments. Whether it’s an exciting 4X4 drive over the dunes, a quiet getaway in the lap of Hatta’s serenity, or a mesmerizing dhow cruise on Dubai Creek or Dubai Marina, our focus is to promise you a great holidaying experience in Dubai. Use our travel app to explore our best-priced packages or make a booking of your favorite tour.

Popular Desert Safaris from Best Desert Safari in Dubai
•Desert Safari: Experience the awesome beauty and serenity of the Dubai’s desert in the most exhilarating way.
•Desert Safari with Quad Biking: Experience the fascinating allure of desert as well as the thrill of dune bash and quad biking with this adventurous desert safari!
•Dinner in Desert: Unforgettable dune dining awaits you at Dubai’s desert! On this unique desert trip, explore the exotic culinary flavors in an ambience that is magical and incomparable.
•Hatta Mountain Safari: Planning for a day trip from Dubai? We’ll organize a trip to Hatta that provides you with a world of breathtaking natural beauty untouched by time.
•Morning Desert Safari: Exquisite morning desert views interspersed with thrilling activities make it one of our most popular and adventurous desert trips.
•Morning Safari – Camel Riding: Perhaps the best way to marvel at the stark beauty of Dubai’s desert is to opt for our morning desert safari with camel riding.
•Overnight Desert Safari: Enjoy mind boggling desert scenery, camp under the stars, and know about the charming Emirati culture and heritage on an overnight desert adventure.
•Hummer Desert Safari: Make the most of your day on Arabian dunes on an action-packed hummer desert safari arranged by our outstanding team.
•Premium Desert Safari: For a superior desert safari experience, choose our premium desert safari with choicest inclusions and personalized services.
•Overnight Safari Deluxe: The ultimate Arabian Desert retreat, evoking the classic Emirati luxury.
•Morning Safari with Quad Biking: Exciting adventure through the desert of Dubai.

We also several combo packages, including:
•Dubai City -Safari- Abu Dhabi: Incredibly save on your Dubai vacation with our trio package comprising desert safari and city sightseeing tour of Dubai and Abu Dhabi.
•Hatta Safari – Desert Safari: Discover the starkly gorgeous desert landscape and mountainous terrain of Dubai.
•Desert Safari – VIP AC Majlis: An opportunity to experience the Dubai’s stunning desert charm and enjoy the refined Arabian luxury in a single travel itinerary makes this combo deal unique.
•City Tour – Desert Safari: Our Dubai’s outstanding combo package packs more fun and adventure than you can imagine.
•Desert Safari – Dhow Cruise: Enjoy the fabled charm and contemporary sophistication of Dubai from both land and water.

Why Best Desert Safari in Dubai?
•We deliver what exactly you expect from your vacation in Dubai.
•Our knowledge and professionalism in crafting tours and activities in Dubai are extensive.
•Excellent local expertise
•Intuitive and inspiring tours and travel offerings
•Equipped with all resources to plan a complex tour itinerary with stimulating ideas
•Travel planners and consultants with experience across wide spectrum of travel
•Impressive client support team to cater to all your queries on round the clock basis

Download BestDesertSafariinDubai App
Bestdesertsafari is the best travel app to discover unbelievable deals on desert safari, city tours and cruises in Dubai. To know more about our app or packages, simply drop us a line at +971 4 2387186 or forward your queries to

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Napoli Museo Archeologico – Guide to visit the National Archaeological Museum of Naples

Napoli Museo Archeologico

Guide to visit the National Archaeological Museum of Naples

Napoli Museo Archeologico screenshot 0Napoli Museo Archeologico screenshot 1Napoli Museo Archeologico screenshot 2Napoli Museo Archeologico screenshot 3Napoli Museo Archeologico screenshot 4Napoli Museo Archeologico screenshot 5Napoli Museo Archeologico screenshot 6Napoli Museo Archeologico screenshot 7

Guided visit to the National Archaeological Museum of Naples with the history of the museum, the collection Salone della Meridiana, the collection ancient Naples, the Numismatic Collection, the Collection Station of Neapolis, the collection Frescoes from Pompeii, the collection Complex decorative collection Ivories, bones and glazed earthenware, the collection House of the Faun, the Egyptian collection, the collection of inscriptions, the Farnese collection – Gems, the Farnese collection – sculptures, the Farnese collection – sculptures and Roman portraits, the Farnese collection – Sculptures and Baths of Caracalla, collection Panhellenic people of Campania, the Cabinet secret collection, the collection Ancient Greece, the collection Mosaics, Pithekoussai collection, the collection Model of Pompeii, the collection Prehistory and Early History, the collection of sculptures Roman Campania, the collection Bronze vessels and furnishings, collection Temple of Isis, the collection of glass, the collection Villa dei Papiri, the collection Cuma, the Argenti collection and the collection Everyday objects in bronze, information and move to Naples on line and off line. A great help to introduce visitors to the National Archaeological Museum of Naples. This application is the first voice guidance for Android; In fact, a narrator will allow you to fully enjoy all the artistic beauty not their eyes fixed on them. The many off-line content will allow you to use it even without data connection and without spending a cent. You will never lose the compass and you’ll always know where you are and where to go, thanks to the integrated browser that relies on Google Maps. Naples National Archaeological Museum, the only guide with audio descriptions indispensable for every traveler.

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CoPilot GPS – Navigation – CoPilot GPS – Car Navigation, Offline Maps and Traffic.

CoPilot GPS - Navigation

CoPilot GPS – Car Navigation, Offline Maps and Traffic.

CoPilot GPS - Navigation screenshot 0CoPilot GPS - Navigation screenshot 1CoPilot GPS - Navigation screenshot 2CoPilot GPS - Navigation screenshot 3CoPilot GPS - Navigation screenshot 4CoPilot GPS - Navigation screenshot 5CoPilot GPS - Navigation screenshot 6CoPilot GPS - Navigation screenshot 7CoPilot GPS - Navigation screenshot 8CoPilot GPS - Navigation screenshot 9CoPilot GPS - Navigation screenshot 10CoPilot GPS - Navigation screenshot 11CoPilot GPS - Navigation screenshot 12CoPilot GPS - Navigation screenshot 13CoPilot GPS - Navigation screenshot 14CoPilot GPS - Navigation screenshot 15

Get reliable GPS navigation with the latest accurate maps right on your device for dependable, offline navigation — no internet connection needed. No subscription necessary–download your CoPilot GPS app and you’ve got unlimited GPS navigation, offline maps, POIs, and powerful route planning for life!
> High data costs? Not with CoPilot. Go offline and get complete maps of USA and Canada stored directly on your device so a mobile data connection is not needed to navigate.
> Sick of traffic jams? Avoid delays plus, save time and fuel costs with CoPilot’s powerful ActiveTraffic* service FREE for 7 days.
> Complete map updates are FREE every quarter!
> Going somewhere new? Save precious device space with flexible map management. Only download regions/states as you need them.
> Lane indicator arrows, highway exit sign info and realistic ClearTurn™ view make complex highway exits simple.
> Alternate routes and powerful multi-stop trip planning with millions of Points of Interest (POIs).
> CommuteMe™: CoPilot will learn your preferred daily commute using the exact roads you take and automatically display any delays that will affect your drive. You’ll know what to expect before you even hit the road!
> Find the best way for the time of day. CoPilot can calculate your route using actual road speeds at the specific time of day and day of week you’re driving. (This feature is part of the ActiveTraffic service)
> Navigate directly to an address from your contact list.
> Motion Lock for safe, hands-free driving.
> Speed limit warnings on primary highways.
> Walking mode.
3D and 2D map views – Directions only mode – ETA and distance – favorite and recent destinations – avoid toll roads – local weather forecasts – find my car – and integrated Wikipedia, Yelp and Google™ Local Search


If you enjoy your drive with CoPilot (and we’re confident you will!), you can purchase voice-guided navigation options via in-app purchase in MyCoPilot > Features & Upgrades. You can also purchase a 12 month ActiveTraffic subscription and get additional map regions throughout the world.


After the 7 day trial, you can still enjoy the following features for free:

>Offline 2D street maps
>Comprehensive multi-stop trip planning tools to plan detailed routes before you go
>Huge database of pre-loaded POIs to easily find local restaurants, gas stations, car parks and other useful places
>View your complete itinerary & preview every turn direction
>Drag and drop route editing
>Useful local search with Yelp, Wikipedia and Google*
>Walking mode

Learn more at
Twitter @copilotgps_us
Google+: +copilot
– Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life
– *Requires a mobile internet connection
> iPhone 3GS and later
> Wi-Fi + Cellular iPads
> iPod Touch (requires a 3rd party GPS accessory)
> Requires iOS 6.0 or greater

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