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Download the guide Blansko free!

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Welcome in Blansko, in a modern city in the heart of the beautiful countryside which is often called the gateway of the Moravian Karst. And especially thanks to its exceptional location in the vicinity of karst formations – the abyss and Punkva caves with a romantic cruise on the underground river Punkva. It is surrounded by picturesque countryside, which is a network of hiking and biking trails.

Blansko itself, however, is not only a modern city with an interesting history, but also a rich cultural life, the ultimate sports facilities for all kinds of recreational sports and most developed tourist infrastructure, which makes it an ideal place for family trips or holidays.

Please accept our invitation to our city!

In mobile guide you will find:

– Clear and detailed map of the city with significant tourist attractions and venues

– Detailed information on sights and tourist targets, including Blansky castle church. Martin, the wooden church and other

– Tips on trips around

– List of cultural facilities, and an overview of regular cultural events

– And of course, contact information and an overview of services for tourists, providing information center

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Funspot Lipno nad Vltavou – Adventure golf Funspot Lipno nad Vltavou

Funspot Lipno nad Vltavou

Adventure golf Funspot Lipno nad Vltavou

Funspot Lipno nad Vltavou screenshot 0Funspot Lipno nad Vltavou screenshot 1Funspot Lipno nad Vltavou screenshot 2

Our Adventure golf course consists of 18 holes spread and set in the rugged terrain of the botanical gardens smoothly passing around a waterfall and two ponds with rich fauna and flora. The game is not physically demanding and can really play anyone, 3 year-old child and 99-year-old senior. Come visit us and enjoy the beautiful day that you and your family will not forget. Pitch remains lit for a romantic evening under the stars of the game, accompanied by pleasant music or holographic projection.

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Love Love Israel – Everything you need for perfect days out in Israel……all recommended!

Love Love Israel

Everything you need for perfect days out in Israel……all recommended!

Love Love Israel screenshot 0Love Love Israel screenshot 1

LoveLoveIsrael is the place for you to find the best days out, places to eat out and stay away at – all recommended by people like YOU!

With Waze and Google Maps integration – we will help you get there too.

Over 1,000 listings and reviews for you to check out today.

And you can get discounts at many top venues with your LoveLoveIsrael card.

This is the App for tourists or anyone wanting to make the most of Israel – it’s for people who don’t just love Israel, they LoveLoveIsrael!

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Commute Greener – smarter ways – Commute Greener – smarter ways to work

Commute Greener – smarter ways

Commute Greener – smarter ways to work

Commute Greener – smarter ways screenshot 0Commute Greener – smarter ways screenshot 1Commute Greener – smarter ways screenshot 2Commute Greener – smarter ways screenshot 3Commute Greener – smarter ways screenshot 4Commute Greener – smarter ways screenshot 5Commute Greener – smarter ways screenshot 6

Commute Greener helps you to change your daily commuting pattern.

Supported by the European Union and used for traffic campaigns worldwide.

Share it with others whenever you share a ride, use your bicycle or public transport – and leave your car at home.
For every improvement you see the impact on saved CO2, travel time, cost and health.

To make it even more fun you also collect points and badges along the way: compete with your friends and unlock badges like the “bicycle hero”. Create or participate in challenges and make your city a more livable place.

Start using Commute Greener today:

– your commuting baseline and options to improve
– ride share suggestions
– crowd based traffic information
– public transport time tables
– map routing
– CO2, health and fuel cost visualization
– commuting challenges, badges and rewards.
– and a lot more

Join now!

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世田谷区防災マップ – Is a smartphone app "disaster Kumin action manual (Map Version)" in Setagaya.


Is a smartphone app "disaster Kumin action manual (Map Version)" in Setagaya.

世田谷区防災マップ screenshot 0世田谷区防災マップ screenshot 1世田谷区防災マップ screenshot 2世田谷区防災マップ screenshot 3世田谷区防災マップ screenshot 4世田谷区防災マップ screenshot 5世田谷区防災マップ screenshot 6世田谷区防災マップ screenshot 7

Offers as a smart phone app “disaster residents manual action (Map Version)” Setagaya.
To verify the disaster prevention information on a daily basis, please utilize all means.

● If you download once, also available in situations where the radio waves of disaster such as not understand memo disaster prevention and disaster prevention map, the disaster prevention manual.

● There is a search function of shelter, such as facilities to disaster prevention map. .

● You can register emergency contact, emergency data and family shelter. Check if a problem occurs, please try and register.

● You can see the contact information of relevant organizations guide the action to be taken in the event of a disaster.

■ Feature Details
◆ disaster prevention map
Map rotation associated with the direction of travel
· (Distance display up to shelter, etc.) display of the current position
• From the list, search facility, such as a wide-area evacuation site or shelter
· Machihinoto Name Search
And cooperation with the display of the standard OS map

◆ Disaster note
, Registration, inspection stations set, wide-area shelter, refuge, meeting place of the family of one o’clock
Emergency Contact Registration and viewing of family in conjunction with phone book
, Registration, inspection of emergency data of family

◆ disaster prevention manual
· “Earthquakes”, eg, “safety of my home”
· “Evacuation Place List” and “shelter List”

■ Credit
Planning and management: Setagaya
Product Development Inc.: I N. Kay
Map Source: Setagaya

※ It is used only in the family memo function of this application within the contact information of the terminal, is not used for any other purpose. It also does not collect.

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CabAmigo App – Social carpool platform to connect people travelling to the same destinations.

CabAmigo App

Social carpool platform to connect people travelling to the same destinations.

CabAmigo App screenshot 0CabAmigo App screenshot 1CabAmigo App screenshot 2CabAmigo App screenshot 3

CabAmigo is a platform for users to share their cabs while travelling to the same destination (airport, concerts, railway stations) in similar time frame. Since the events are pre-planned, it enables users to choose their co-passengers based on their social networking profiles. Users not only save money, they meet like-minded people on the go. This enables one to feel more secure about the travel and one can screen co-passengers based on common interests. Cabamigo recommends signing up with Facebook so that more details about a person is available. However for people who are not comfortable sharing their email and phone no, option of hiding details is provided. These users can provide the information to the selected few, who are travelling at the same time and wish to share a cab. Airport, concerts and station are chosen to reduce peak hour traffic. We have noticed that 2 hours before a concert there is massive traffic jam due to number of vehicles with one or two passengers in most cars. The benefit of carpool will be most visible to people when their immediate problem is resolved. They intend to make carpooling a culture and believe this is the best segment to target for people as to reduce resistance for change.
Apart from pre-planned destination, we have integrated the feature of carpool-now also for users who wish to use the service on the go. This service is very useful while you are coming back from airport. We have seen that people take individual cabs, even though most of them are going to the same destinations. The issue is the lack of platform to connect these people. Cabamigo wishes to close this bridge, and make travel more economical for its users and at the time reduce traffic congestion in the city.

Happy carpooling amigos 🙂

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