IMAGINE ECUADOR Tour Operator – Enjoy our tours, activities, adventure, Galapagos cruises, last minute prices


Enjoy our tours, activities, adventure, Galapagos cruises, last minute prices

IMAGINE ECUADOR Tour Operator screenshot 0IMAGINE ECUADOR Tour Operator screenshot 1IMAGINE ECUADOR Tour Operator screenshot 2IMAGINE ECUADOR Tour Operator screenshot 3IMAGINE ECUADOR Tour Operator screenshot 4IMAGINE ECUADOR Tour Operator screenshot 5IMAGINE ECUADOR Tour Operator screenshot 6IMAGINE ECUADOR Tour Operator screenshot 7IMAGINE ECUADOR Tour Operator screenshot 8IMAGINE ECUADOR Tour Operator screenshot 9IMAGINE ECUADOR Tour Operator screenshot 10IMAGINE ECUADOR Tour Operator screenshot 11IMAGINE ECUADOR Tour Operator screenshot 12IMAGINE ECUADOR Tour Operator screenshot 13IMAGINE ECUADOR Tour Operator screenshot 14IMAGINE ECUADOR Tour Operator screenshot 15IMAGINE ECUADOR Tour Operator screenshot 16IMAGINE ECUADOR Tour Operator screenshot 17IMAGINE ECUADOR Tour Operator screenshot 18IMAGINE ECUADOR Tour Operator screenshot 19IMAGINE ECUADOR Tour Operator screenshot 20IMAGINE ECUADOR Tour Operator screenshot 21IMAGINE ECUADOR Tour Operator screenshot 22

With our app enjoy our maps and how to get routes, weather in Ecuador and the world, discount coupons from our company, and reservations contact form and much more ..

Moreover, in this App you can find & enjoy with our tours, activities, things to do, amazon, galapagos cruises, last minute deals, outdoor adventures like: whitewater rafting, canyoning, kayaking, rock climbing, biking, climbing, hiking, slack lining, bridge jumping, paragliding, horse back riding and bike rental. Also you can view about Flight tickets, Taylor made packages, Train tickets, Royal Decameron all inclusive hotels and resorts, Pacific coast, Peru tours, travel insurance.

All in one place so close!

We also provide Galapagos tours and cruises, island hopping, flights and tailor-made tours, honeymoon trips, family vacations for individual travelers or groups according to your special needs.

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Camp and RV – Campgrounds Plus – Nov 2016: A great time to enjoy your journey.

Camp and RV - Campgrounds Plus

Nov 2016: A great time to enjoy your journey.

Camp and RV - Campgrounds Plus screenshot 0Camp and RV - Campgrounds Plus screenshot 1Camp and RV - Campgrounds Plus screenshot 2Camp and RV - Campgrounds Plus screenshot 3Camp and RV - Campgrounds Plus screenshot 4Camp and RV - Campgrounds Plus screenshot 5Camp and RV - Campgrounds Plus screenshot 6Camp and RV - Campgrounds Plus screenshot 7Camp and RV - Campgrounds Plus screenshot 8

The most popular camping app gets better all year long. It is the revolutionary app that lets you find and filter both places and services with or without internet. From resorts to parking lots, extensive filters help you find exactly what you want year after year for a one time price and no ads.

Try it: In depth demo at

Seen in NY Times, Forbes, Boston Globe, Tampa Bay Times and more.
➤Starbucks featured app
“Must have app…” ➤411droid
“The essential camping app…a must have app.” ➤
“This app is an essential one.” ➤Appolicious
“…app is a must.” ➤Womans Day
“For those with more discerning tastes in campsites & RV spots.” ➤NY Times
➤Data as seen in “Harvard Business Review”
➤Data rated “Excellent” by Wired Magazine

Why is it the #1 camping app since 2010?

Unique features include:
➤Pins show if RVs or tents are accepted. D shape pins show dispersed.
➤Pins show directional access for rest areas
➤Ad-free tablet ready app.
➤Map view plots points on the fly as you scroll anywhere.
➤Filter the map by type and by dozens of amenities. Hundreds of possibilities.
➤Data is stored locally for speed and always accessible.
➤Lookup data by type, state and city even without service.
➤Photo and Review searches that use the power of the entire web and not one source.
➤Extras all in one app: Truck and rest stops, supplies, service, bridges, road grades.
➤Section for road conditions, emergencies and laws for helmets, guns, cellphones and much more.


✔Over 30,000 campgrounds: (US & Canada)
✔National & State Forests
✔State Parks
✔National Parks
✔County/City Parks
✔Army Corps of Engineers
✔Military famcamps
✔KOA, Good Sam, Escapees, Passport America, 1000 Trails, ROD, RPI, AOR, Coast to Coast, Elk
✔Even primitive hike-in/boat-in/rough spots that other apps exclude.


✔Official website, phone number, directions, open season, rate range, sites, hookups, amps, big rigs access, tents or no tents, clubs, water, showers, toilets, tables, pool, playground, laundry, propane, pet-friendly, RV dump station, age restrictions, storage, firewood, boat launch, seasonal sites and internet access.


+ Wal marts (with overnight parking reports), and cost clubs
+ Overnight Parking like casinos, Elks Lodges and other places.
+ Truck Stops with amenities. Chains have fuel price links.
+ Stores (Camping World, REI, Cabelas, Gander, Dicks, Bass Pro Shops)
+ RV dealers and services
+ RV Rental locations (Cruise America, Road Bear, El Monte)
+ Rest Areas, Welcome centers, turn outs, and service plazas by heading.
+ Steep Grades and Runaway truck ramps (western US)


Just about everything in the app can be added or removed with your map view. See only tent places with showers; RV parks with a club discount and 50 amp; cost club stores with gas; truck stops with a Subway. You pick!


Parts of this app will always work and provide useful information. The data is stored on your phone while the app uses GPS, so constantly calling upon a website for information is not necessary. This is great for improving speed when you’re in remote places.


$$ Find that you can overnight in a nearby parking lot.
$$ Find a nice forest site just 2 miles beyond the $40 park your book lists.
$$ Lighten your load and don’t buy as many books year after year.


** Internet required for maps. This app is a full time project built for campers by campers providing non-biased camping data for 16 years.

Questions before you buy? Requests? Email: for a fast and personal reply.

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Kulhudhuffushi Boat Schedule – Kulhdhuffushi Boat Schedule now available at your finger tips.

Kulhudhuffushi Boat Schedule

Kulhdhuffushi Boat Schedule now available at your finger tips.

Kulhudhuffushi Boat Schedule screenshot 0Kulhudhuffushi Boat Schedule screenshot 1Kulhudhuffushi Boat Schedule screenshot 2Kulhudhuffushi Boat Schedule screenshot 3

Now the Customers can easily check the boat schedule of the boats which travel between Male’ and Kulhudhuffushi. Using this app customer will be able to check the schedule of Faalhu Boat, Bahaadharu Boat and Baadhsaah Boat.
We try to update the schedule as soon as we get the schedule from the boat owners.

Please send in suggestions / bug reports to

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UK Motorway Traffic News – Traffic news from across the busy UK motorway network.

UK Motorway Traffic News

Traffic news from across the busy UK motorway network.

UK Motorway Traffic News screenshot 0UK Motorway Traffic News screenshot 1UK Motorway Traffic News screenshot 2UK Motorway Traffic News screenshot 3UK Motorway Traffic News screenshot 4UK Motorway Traffic News screenshot 5UK Motorway Traffic News screenshot 6UK Motorway Traffic News screenshot 7UK Motorway Traffic News screenshot 8UK Motorway Traffic News screenshot 9UK Motorway Traffic News screenshot 10UK Motorway Traffic News screenshot 11UK Motorway Traffic News screenshot 12UK Motorway Traffic News screenshot 13UK Motorway Traffic News screenshot 14UK Motorway Traffic News screenshot 15UK Motorway Traffic News screenshot 16UK Motorway Traffic News screenshot 17UK Motorway Traffic News screenshot 18UK Motorway Traffic News screenshot 19

Welcome to our collection of traffic apps for the UK road network.

We aim to deliver a traffic app that will help you keep up-to-date on the latest traffic incidents from the major roads across the UK. Whether this is a specific road or a collection of roads you want to check, our traffic apps will help you avoid traffic en-route to your destination.

The UK Motorway Traffic News app is an incredibly useful tool featuring the latest updates on traffic from across the UK motorway network. Whether there is a disruptive road/lane closure; an accident; congestion or any other incident for that matter, you will find the latest updates here.

This is a must-have app for anyone who travels and is perfect for accessing prior to you leaving your location, in order to help ensure you avoid any problems en-route.

What you get:

• Latest (Traffic updates via RSS)
• Twitter (Traffic updates via Twitter)
• Share (Help spread the word!)
• Map (Live updates via Google Maps utilising the ‘Traffic Layer’ to highlight traffic flow using a highlighted line)*
• Feedback (Send your feedback to the developers)
• Mailing List (Sign up to our mailing list)
• Appdesigned4u (Link to our website)

* Map

Google Maps will either show current colour-coded traffic conditions on roads where data is available or display a message that data is unavailable. These speeds don’t apply to traffic on smaller roads such as those within cities, which have lower speed limits. For roads smaller than main roads, the colours give an indication of the severity of the traffic. Green means that traffic conditions are good, yellow means fair, and red or red/black means poor traffic conditions.

Please note that you may need to apply the ‘Traffic’ layer within Google Maps to enable this feature. This is easily achievable by simply selecting the ‘Settings’ feature and clicking on ‘Traffic’.
Important Information:

For obvious safety reasons, please refrain from using this app whilst in the control of a vehicle. This is understandably for your own safety and the safety of others.

Please note that this app requires the use of a stable connection to the internet to update the various in-app features.

We have made every effort to ensure the in-app features apply to the specific road/s in question. However, from time to time there may be other unrelated information included.

All of the traffic feeds in this app are reliant on the various sources keeping these up-to-date. Please understand that we have no control over this and we simply can only advise our users to try the in-app feature at a later date/time to see if the applicable feature has been updated.

Please understand that this app utilises various advertising in the form of banners and various page links to external sites. Although many of the adverts are not related to the app itself, they have been included to help support the ongoing development of the app. Please view our other related apps in the app store (if available) that do not include any advertisements, and may instead include extra features! There will typically be a small extra charge for an ad-free higher specification version.

If you do experience any issues with this app, please contact us using the ‘Feedback’ facility in the app rather than leaving us a negative star rating and/or review. We will always try to endeavour to fix a problem in the app for the benefit of all of our users.

Finally, if you do like our app, please be so kind to leave us a high star rating and a review. We greatly appreciate your support!


This app is in no way associated to any of transport organisations used in this app in the UK or beyond. All of the feeds included are the property of their respectful owners, and this app simply serves the purpose of directing the user to that specific source.

The RSS traffic feeds utilised are provided by the Highways Agency ( and are freely available to use for commercial purposes.

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三重県を知るためのアプリ – This app is an app to answer 100 quiz on Mie Prefecture. To answer perfectly to 100 of the quiz, let's become a Mie Prefecture communication.


This app is an app to answer 100 quiz on Mie Prefecture. To answer perfectly to 100 of the quiz, let's become a Mie Prefecture communication.

三重県を知るためのアプリ screenshot 0三重県を知るためのアプリ screenshot 1三重県を知るためのアプリ screenshot 2三重県を知るためのアプリ screenshot 3三重県を知るためのアプリ screenshot 4三重県を知るためのアプリ screenshot 5三重県を知るためのアプリ screenshot 6三重県を知るためのアプリ screenshot 7三重県を知るためのアプリ screenshot 8三重県を知るためのアプリ screenshot 9三重県を知るためのアプリ screenshot 10三重県を知るためのアプリ screenshot 11三重県を知るためのアプリ screenshot 12三重県を知るためのアプリ screenshot 13三重県を知るためのアプリ screenshot 14

This app is an app to answer the quiz of about 100 Mie Prefecture.
Knowledge is only of course if citizens should know.
Of course, you can recommend it to people who are not born in Mie Prefecture.
100 questions, questions such as specialty, history, geography, culture, customs are studded.
Moreover, since also has commentary concise and readable, human society I’m hungry teenagers that want to have a width a little elementary school that aims to take the exam junior high school, the knowledge learned in school, nothing else college students who are going to hunting, the story of the best customers I think people like me, to a variety of people.

Even if I do not get points for the first time such a challenge if I think,
You can redo only the wrong problem.
Answered perfectly to quiz 100, will be through Mie Prefecture.

Five areas
1.Lesson1 (15 questions)
2.Lesson2 (15 questions)
3.Lesson3 (20 questions)
4.Lesson4 (20 questions)
5.Lesson5 (30 questions)

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京都府民の証 – This app is an app to answer 100 quiz on Kyoto. To answer perfectly to 100 of the quiz, let's become a Kyoto communication.


This app is an app to answer 100 quiz on Kyoto. To answer perfectly to 100 of the quiz, let's become a Kyoto communication.

京都府民の証 screenshot 0京都府民の証 screenshot 1京都府民の証 screenshot 2京都府民の証 screenshot 3京都府民の証 screenshot 4京都府民の証 screenshot 5京都府民の証 screenshot 6京都府民の証 screenshot 7京都府民の証 screenshot 8京都府民の証 screenshot 9京都府民の証 screenshot 10京都府民の証 screenshot 11京都府民の証 screenshot 12京都府民の証 screenshot 13京都府民の証 screenshot 14

This app is an app to answer a quiz of 100 on the Kyoto Prefecture.
It is only the knowledge that should know of course if residents.
Of course, I can recommend it to people of Kyoto from anyone other than.
The 100 questions, questions such as geography, culture, customs, history, and special product are inlaid.
In addition, commentary is concise and readable also attached therefore, social people who are hungry for a thing to talk about teenagers who want to have a width a little elementary school students aimed at junior high school entrance exam, the knowledge that you learn in school, college students declined to job hunting, with the best customers We think you’ll like it better, towards a variety of.

Even if it is not possible to score like you are a challenge for the first time if,
You can redo only the problem that is wrong.
The answer perfectly to quiz 100, let’s be through Kyoto.

Five areas
1.Lesson1 (15 questions)
2.Lesson2 (15 questions)
3.Lesson3 (20 questions)
4.Lesson4 (20 questions)
5.Lesson5 (30 questions)

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Chartered Bike – Self driving bike rental service. Book a ride on rent in Goa and Indore.

Chartered Bike

Self driving bike rental service. Book a ride on rent in Goa and Indore.

Chartered Bike screenshot 0Chartered Bike screenshot 1Chartered Bike screenshot 2Chartered Bike screenshot 3Chartered Bike screenshot 4Chartered Bike screenshot 5Chartered Bike screenshot 6Chartered Bike screenshot 7

Millions of people around the globe ride bikes. But historically, this joy on two wheels would come to a screeching halt when they traveled, because the equipment was too difficult to transport. The dedicated would turn to rentals, however there was always a problem of finding a good bike and knowing where to ride in an unfamiliar land. And for the most part, there was no such thing as advanced reservations, even if someone founds a place that rents, they pretty much just walked in and chose from what was available.

We Chartered Bike here will help users to find and reserve rental bikes shop 24/7, compare and reserve items from participating bike shops which is convenient convenient for them.

Chartered Bike is self ride bike rental application which provide an easy link between vendors and customers with an handy Android application,where vendor’s bike are directly booked by customer for a day, week or month. The concept is very simple – We create a market place where people who want bikes (Travelers) can be matched with people who have bikes (Our Vendors). The participating bike shop could list there available inventory on our application that can be used by consumers to search, locate and reserve online.

Now no more walking in to find only leftovers or sold-out sizes.

Get instant email confirmations, checkout faster and have items held exclusively for you. 

Our mission is to cover every part of our country where tourist can enjoy riding bike. Right now we have out vendors in Goa and Indore and are trying much harder to connect all vendors and customers

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