Istanbul Guide – Great app to discover all the details of Istanbul!

Istanbul Guide

Great app to discover all the details of Istanbul!

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Now with English support!

Great app to discover all the details of Istanbul! You can explore the best restaurants, most stylish hotels and the unique historical places in the city. Also you can reach the latest information of all the pharmacies on duty. With “Add to Favourites” feature you can save your favourite places and reach them even if you don’t have internet connection.


– Hundreds of restaurants, nightclubs, hotels and shopping centres under the city category.
– Price forecasting for the places.
– Quickly and easily search option.
– With “Add to Favourites” feature you can reach all of your saved places information without internet connection!
– Public transportation and airport informations.
– Emergency numbers
– Map


We are a software development company working through Istanbul. FiglySoft was founded last year, to facilitate people’s lives and develop enjoyable applications. We provide mobile solutions to our customers and try to discover their mobile vision.

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Your Travel Diary – Use your travel diary to document wherever your journeys might take you.

Your Travel Diary

Use your travel diary to document wherever your journeys might take you.

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Your travel diary is intended for easy documentation of your daily experiences. The diary is also especially suitable for travel in a motorhome or tent.

* Plan a camping vacation and organize your schedule using the navigation bar. *

* You can create new entries for each trip. You can add pictures, locations, an expenses log, and more. *

* On the overview map you can plot the complete route for your trip. *

* Share your trip with friends or other campers. You can also export your trips in HTML format or send them by email. *

* Make backups and save them in the cloud to keep your data safe at all times. *

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MAG – Private Jet Charter – Monarch Air Group private jet charter service provider. Air charter flights.

MAG - Private Jet Charter

Monarch Air Group private jet charter service provider. Air charter flights.

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Monarch provides on-demand air charter and long-term aircraft leases across the globe, as well as jet management and mission critical logistics in austere environments.

Monarch Air Group, LLC is a U.S. FAA Part 135 aircraft operator based at the Ft. Lauderdale International Airport (FLL). Through reciprocal agreements with select operators, we are able to provide thousands of aircraft and countless international destinations.

Since 2006, Monarch Air Group has been a leading provider of on-demand air charter and private jet solutions for Fortune 500 companies, government agencies and discerning individuals around the globe. Through a network of subsidiaries and joint venture agreements, our clientele now includes the United Nations, the U.S. and Canadian defense departments, the World Food Programme, and various NGOs; therefore we are subject to the most rigorous requirements in safety and operational standards. We are proudly involved in rescue, emergency relief and humanitarian efforts worldwide.

We are known for our fast response time and competitive pricing. Our high client retention rate is attributed to above par level of service, industry knowledge, and fair pricing model. Monarch’s Stake Holder’s approach to every mission, in-depth knowledge of the operation, and experience of our team members and management allows us to stand above the crowd and Reach Higher.

At Monarch Air Group we understand that safety and reliability are paramount. That’s why our flight, dispatch, ground and maintenance crews are renowned for their in-depth knowledge, attention to detail and a wide range of experience. Not only is our personnel highly trained and qualified, but they are deeply passionate about aviation.

We take pride in being the go-to provider of air charter services for select individuals, government agencies and prestigious corporations around the world. They expect consistent top-notch performance, and we deliver. So the next time you’re cruising high above the clouds at 40,000 ft, you can relax knowing that you are up in the air with the finest team in aviation.

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Fun in Taichung – It’s time to Travel to Taichung!

Fun in Taichung

It’s time to Travel to Taichung!

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It’s time to Travel to Taichung!

Download “Fun in Taichung” APP to get access to sightseeing spots, savory cuisines, accommodations, and ransportation information in Taichung City!

In addition, the APP also provides multiple interactive services, assisting in itinerary planning in advance and all
kinds of enquiries you might need on the go!

“ Fun in Taichung” is absolutely your good helper while you’re traveling in Taichung.

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