Pilot Help – Pilot Help – Your useful co-driver for the pocket.

Pilot Help

Pilot Help – Your useful co-driver for the pocket.

Pilot Help screenshot 0Pilot Help screenshot 1Pilot Help screenshot 2Pilot Help screenshot 3Pilot Help screenshot 4Pilot Help screenshot 5

Pilot Help – your valuable co-pilot for the bag.

The free travel assistant for travel offers many convenient features associated with flying and worldwide protection and help in an emergency.

This can help the Alliance pilot:
– Pilot Helpline: Your 24-hour emergency number for all cases
– Meteorological Service with worldwide flight weather observations
– Recent information from the German Federal Aviation Office
– Notes and current information by the ATC
– Currency Converter
– Online translator for text translation and drugs
– Document safe for important documents (passport, credit card information, vaccination records, etc.)
– Travel and safety information as well as countries of the Foreign Office
– Checklist for the behavior in case of damage

All pilots who have insurance “AGCS Breakdown” can, in an emergency, take our free Helpline pilot to complete. It provides practical help, advice and support from our aviation experts in the rapid completion of all necessary measures in case of emergency.

But even non-insured can access all other functions of the Pilot Help conveniently access and comprehensive information including on the latest news of the German Federal Aviation Office and the ATC, as well as weather or destination.

Download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/f77aTv


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