HAKmap – HAK interactive map Croatian – a new generation of well-known HAK this map


HAK interactive map Croatian – a new generation of well-known HAK this map

HAKmap screenshot 0HAKmap screenshot 1HAKmap screenshot 2HAKmap screenshot 3HAKmap screenshot 4HAKmap screenshot 5HAKmap screenshot 6HAKmap screenshot 7HAKmap screenshot 8HAKmap screenshot 9HAKmap screenshot 10HAKmap screenshot 11HAKmap screenshot 12HAKmap screenshot 13HAKmap screenshot 14HAKmap screenshot 15HAKmap screenshot 16HAKmap screenshot 17

HAK map – a new interactive map published by the HAK allows you to select between three cartographic basis – Mireo for Croatia and Google and Bing Maps for the whole world, which may be changed.

HAK map accurately calculates all travel costs – in addition to estimates of the cost of fuel at current fuel prices and mileage, and a precise calculation for the entire toll road network in the Republic of Croatia, is now available and the full cost calculation for ferries, for all types of vehicles, combinations of passengers (adults and children) and trailer.

– Selection of online tickets between Mireo Maps (Croatia), Google Maps and Bing Maps
– Display over 40,000 points of interest in dozens of categories
– Calculation toll in Croatia
– Price calculation ferries to Croatia for all types of vehicles and any number of passengers (adults / children)
– Available in four languages: Croatian, English, German and Italian

This map will want drivers, and the general public to facilitate orientation in Croatia and allow brief and quickly reach the required information. All your suggestions, praise, criticism, requests for cooperation and potential problems when working with an interactive map, please contact us by email at map@hak.hr. Thank you!

Interactive map HAK used mapping tools, information and technology developed and implemented by the company Mireo dd Zagreb (Mireo Maps), Google Inc., USA (Google Maps), and Microsoft Corp., USA (Bing Maps). User interface design and development of client applications interactive maps made by the company Infinum Ltd. from Zagreb.

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See more information and download apk file: https://goo.gl/P4zSup


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