GPS Navigator online – GPS navigation, Google Street View photos with route line, the gas station

GPS Navigator online

GPS navigation, Google Street View photos with route line, the gas station

GPS Navigator online screenshot 0GPS Navigator online screenshot 1GPS Navigator online screenshot 2

Navigator Online is:

Maps of the world.
Google Street View Photos from the streets imposed on them the route.
Passing the gas station and the preferred brand planning filling stations.
The possibility of constructing a route with multiple waypoints.

Voice prompts TTS (text to speech) about the next maneuver with sound street names and warning of gas stations
The ability to easily share your location or another point on the map with your friends.
Possibility of orienteering using the built-in compass and map.

There is a free web-browser version.

Differences between the web version of the app for a smartphone.

Web version:

No need to install the application. Simply open link and you can go.
The inability to control sleep mode phone. , Sleep mode will have to disable the phone manually to move from a long time.
The inability to run in the background (voice instructions will not sound when the browser is not enabled).
In some browsers, the system does not work the synthesis of speech.
Less precise work compass
Lack of reading incoming SMS messages possible
Lack of technical support
Is free.

Application from the store:

The screen does not turn off during navigation.
In the background voice instructions will sound.
Speech synthesis system.
A more accurate compass work.
The ability to read incoming SMS messages (enable in settings).
Technical support.

The list of differences may vary.

Download apk file for your android phone:


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