Wandelknooppunt – More than 8,000 km of hiking pleasure in Flanders in your pocket!


More than 8,000 km of hiking pleasure in Flanders in your pocket!

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The Walking Market app lets you explore all walking networks in Flanders (ATTENTION: Limburg currently has, on a piece of Feeding after, no walking nodes). This means more than 8,000 km of hiking trails in your pocket. You can view all the walking map nodes and node by node a walking custom framing. It is also faster: using the convenient Surprise Me feature lets you choose a specific node and walking the app calculate a route with a distance of your choice. Furthermore, you can save all been signed walking routes so you can reuse later.

Additionally, you can back your PC outings conception through our convenient online route planner on http://www.wandelknooppunt.be. You can for each route that generate a so-called QR code. This code you can scan using the app, the route will be imported to your smartphone. So you have no papers need during your hike. Handy, right?

You can also easily use during the walking tour of the built-in GPS function. So you will never get lost again when the road signs have disappeared. When you get to 25 meters from a pedestrian hub, the app shows you which new node you must follow. For subscribers, there is also voice navigation: if you come near a node, the app tells you what next node you must follow. You do not have to constantly stare at your screen. Plug your smartphone into your pocket and walk it! You can always navigate using Google Maps to the starting point of the trail.

If your subscription is for the price of 3.99 euros a year you have the opportunity to download any set route on smartphone. You need so while walking no internet connection and save on the consumption of mobile Internet. In addition, you as a subscriber also use voice navigation. A female voice tells you if you come near a junction which follow the next node is. Also, if you deviate more than 200 meters of the route, you get a warning.

An absolute must for every hiker!

See detail information: https://goo.gl/pteMwl


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