Graz App – The official app for Graz

Graz App

The official app for Graz

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By CITYGUIDE Graz You have the entire city digitally for your pocket and all the important information around the clock always ready to hand. By CITYGUIDE inform yourself about events, top venues, industries and local businesses. Go with the 360 ​​° panorama function to a virtual city walk to the shops into it, you can be opening times, services and brands Show. Find the search & Around Me feature the nearest restaurant, the next florist, baker or fashion store and take advantage of special promotions (deals & coupons) in CITYGUIDE Graz.

✔ Current & historical city information
✔ Graz News
✔ Citizens Information
✔ multimedia entrepreneur profiles
✔ Actions: Deals & Coupons in Graz
✔ Current weather
✔ 360 ° Panoramas
✔ Showtimes
✔ Ticket Booking
✔ taxi booking
✔ Picture Galleries
✔ Around Me – Function
✔ navigation
✔ Search (by brands, services & categories)

DOWNLOAD NOW for free!

CITY GUIDE for companies:äsenz_citylisting

Detail information and download apk file:


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