Tourist Spots of Japan – Find the popular sightseeing spot of Japan with this App!

Tourist Spots of Japan

Find the popular sightseeing spot of Japan with this App!

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This application can help you to find the most attractive tourist spots and convenience facilities around them in Japan in the most easy way.

**The new version added the function to buy the cheapest flight ticket of domestic line of Japan**

1) Buy ticket: tap the airport icon on the map, select the another airport, you also can change the order of airport by tapping icon beside the airport name.
2) Buying history of flight ticket: select the menu item, then show the dialog to buying history. click the item, you can buy the same ticket again. You also can delete the item by long clicking.


1), Once open this application, the tourist spots around you will displayed on the map immediately.

2), The data of 2019 tourist spots which have the highest evaluation in Japan are bundled with this application, you can find them freely without internet environment.

3), With the help from the Web Service of Yahoo! Japan, I also can find the nearby information of a tourist spot such as weather, gourmet, hotel, taxi, and so on. (Online is a must)

4), You add a comment about a tourist spot, or read comment from others.

5), It is not necessary to access internet for using map or displaying the current location information.


1) National Land Numerical Information (tourist resources) provided by Japanese government.
2) Wikipedia.


1) You can not use all functions in this application without internet environment, only the basic functions are available.
2) We take no responsibility for any results that come from using this application.
3) Please use it for only reference.

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