Braga Cool: best travel guide – The best travel guide with an offline map to discover Braga

Braga Cool: best travel guide

The best travel guide with an offline map to discover Braga

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You know that friend who lives in and knows the city better than anyone else? In Braga, that friend is us!

We created the COOLest Braga guide ever, especially for you!

2 questions, 3 seconds, and you’ll get ONLY the best in town, no research required!

Amazing?! Yeah, we think so too…

Stay with us and listen up: Braga Cool will even walk side by side with you!
Actually, it’s even better! We won’t annoy you. In reality we’re just an app. But we’ll take you everywhere. We’ll tell you when it’s time to go, or when it’s time to stay. And we’ll do anything for you! That’s what friends are for!

To us, friendship means sharing and caring. And that’s why we want to take you to the most incredible places in Braga.

For our friends only the best!

A travel guide created in seconds:
You only need to answer 2 questions: what’s your travel style and when you’re coming to Braga. We even have some back-up options if you don’t like our first picks. And… POW! You’ll have all your days planned with the best experiences ever!

Exclusively the best
We do all the work for you. Like we love to say, for our friends only the best. We’ve been everywhere, and we mean everywhere! We’ve selected only the best, in order to make your days in Braga the most amazing experience yet.

With you offline and online
We’ll be with you every step of the way: offline, and certainly online. Not just through the travel guide, but also thanks to the map that goes with it – which works both online and offline. And with them, no strings attached. They’re the best way to move from place to place. At least until you sadly leave us…

It’s raining and you’ll know it
It’s a message you don’t want to receive, but we’ll advise you about the weather, good or bad. This is something we still can’t control… well, at least not for now…

Near me
The new functionality that will allow you to discover incredible experiences you didn’t even imagine were so close! From now on, whenever you’re taking a walk, leaving home or work, all you have to do is open the Braga Cool app and find what’s nearby, the best restaurants, the best venues, the best shopping… the best of what you want to do.

Follow the trip we have prepared for you and enjoy it. You have our word, it will be memorable! And afterwards… we want to see some pictures 😉

See detail information and download apk file:


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