– Holiday Auctions – the largest auction app for holidays, days out and hotels.

Holiday Auctions – the largest auction app for holidays, days out and hotels. screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot 6

Always and everywhere to bid
Holiday Auctions, for years the most common auction platform in the Netherlands, is now also in Belgium. For more than three million visitors have won the best packages and products. There are daily thousands of online auctions where you can bid for the Holiday Auctions app. Be inspired and your bid from € 1!
Search the app for auctions for last-minute tickets, day trips, restaurants, cheap weekends away, the most beautiful saunas, new musicals, the best city trips and more. Registration is completely free and you decide the price of your auction. From now on, you do not wait until you get home, you can, thanks to the app anytime, anywhere auction. Even on the go! You have all the convenience of the website now right on your smartphone. Place the highest bid on your favorite auction today and become a winner!
10 reasons to download the app:
1. Offer quickly, wherever you are
2. Find auctions in your area
3. Always have access to your won auctions
4. Scroll quickly through 100 and Auctions
5. Share your favorites with friends
6. Offer them in many categories such as beauty, night out, hotels, restaurants, holiday, holidays, days out and products
7. Find seasonal activities such as auctions for winter, Christmas markets, festivals, spring break, camping and more
8. Receive push notifications before the end of the auction, once you have been outbid, if you win and if there is an attractive offer for you is online
9. Payment and easily book your won auction on your mobile
10. Every month a new version improvements
How does Holiday Auctions?
Create a free account and find an auction that appeals to you. Place the highest bid and win the auction. Pay your won auction and download your voucher, e-ticket and / or make a reservation. Have fun!
Need help or want to give feedback?
We want to hear from you. Contact us at

Download apk file for your android phone:


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