GPeaSe Hidden GPS Tracker – GPeaSe – GPS Tracking with Ease

GPeaSe Hidden GPS Tracker

GPeaSe – GPS Tracking with Ease

GPeaSe Hidden GPS Tracker screenshot 0GPeaSe Hidden GPS Tracker screenshot 1GPeaSe Hidden GPS Tracker screenshot 2GPeaSe Hidden GPS Tracker screenshot 3GPeaSe Hidden GPS Tracker screenshot 4GPeaSe Hidden GPS Tracker screenshot 5

!!THE CODE IS 5287!!

All new users get 5000 credits for free!

This app is completely identical to GPeaSe GPS Tracker One, with the exception that there are no sounds, no popup messages, and no notifications. The GPS icon can not be hidden, as it is part of the Android Operating System.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: We are not responsible if the app is discovered. This app is not 100% hidden, it can be found if someone has a little knowledge.

WARNING: This app receives regular updates. The app will then be listed in the Play Store as having an update and the name GPeaSe could be visible.

Also note that if the phone runs out of memory, there is a high chance the tracker is stopped. This is due to the design of Android. Foreground services do not get killed as easily, but the side-effect is a persistent notification. The normal GPeaSe One app uses that method but is not as “hidden”. There is a trade-off…

For more information about how to use GPeaSe One, visit the Play Store description of GPeaSe GPS Tracker One.

The app is disguised as a battery saver application. It is listed as “Battery Saver” in your app drawer. To access GPeaSe One, use the menu to go to settings and enter the code 5287.

-GPeaSe requires PHONE permission (“To make and manage phone calls”) in order to access your device’s IMEI which is used to uniquely identify your phone. We will in no way use your phone to make or manage any phone calls.
-GPeaSe requires INTERNET permission to communicate your location to our server over the internet
-GPeaSe requires FINE_LOCATION permission to access your phone’s GPS hardware to accurately determine the phone’s location.

See detail information and download apk file for your android phone:


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