Nijmegen Veelzijdig – City walk with photo navigation | work without plan, GPS and Internet

Nijmegen Veelzijdig

City walk with photo navigation | work without plan, GPS and Internet

Nijmegen Veelzijdig screenshot 0Nijmegen Veelzijdig screenshot 1Nijmegen Veelzijdig screenshot 2Nijmegen Veelzijdig screenshot 3Nijmegen Veelzijdig screenshot 4Nijmegen Veelzijdig screenshot 5Nijmegen Veelzijdig screenshot 6Nijmegen Veelzijdig screenshot 7

Nijmegen is the oldest city in the Netherlands and has helped it a special city. During the walk of 4.2 km leads Versatile Nijmegen you past many landmarks, buildings still dating from the Romanesque period to nascent new building. You will travel through a particular church, you can visit various museums or just a moment the rest look at the various parks Nijmegen rich. The many terraces make a visit to ‘Noviomagus’ even more enjoyable. Whether it is down along the Waal or above on the Grote Markt.

Although you can start this walk through Nijmegen at any point, you can select the app from a number of predefined entry points. One of the entry points is the Quack Square, near Central Station (http: / /

Photo Navigation : The app of the City Walk guides you with recognizable pictures and clear instructions along the most beautiful spots of the city. With pictures and text you are on the move informed about interesting sights and alerted to unusual locations. GPS & Internet : Walk the City works with photo navigation, so the app works even without GPS signal and connection. To reduce battery consumption and data usage, you can disable these features, the app will continue to work and you can continue to enjoy the walk. your own pace Our walks are approximately 5 kilometers long. Winkel fun seen a pause terrace nice or museum visits? Strolling or even the momentum going? The app Walk the City you decide the pace! Smart Walk, Walk the City

See detail information and download apk file:


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