Evaneos Travel Guide – Discover incredible destinations through the opinions of seasoned travellers!

Evaneos Travel Guide

Discover incredible destinations through the opinions of seasoned travellers!

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Get inspired, plan, and experience a unique, off-the-beaten track holiday thanks to the Evaneos Travel application.
Explore thousands of places across all four corners of the planet, with reviews and comments by travel lovers selected for their in-depth knowledge of each destination.
You’ll also discover secret or hidden tourist spots, as well as the unmissible sites that are a must for any first-time travellers.

A travel guide of the entire world, free of charge and ads!

Main functions of the Evaneos Travel Guide for Android:

– Inspiration and discovery: thousands of reviews and photos by seasoned travellers whom we have rigorously selected based on how well they know each destination

– Preparation: when you head off on your trip, make sure you’re not missing out on any incredible or unknown sites that you might have discovered thanks to our travel experts, by adding them gradually to your Favourites list

– Create travel journals: the Evaneos Travel application automatically groups together the photos on your phone and organises them into the stages of your trip to save you time. Look back on your most amazing holiday souvenirs!

– Comment and annotate: note down all the places that you have visited during your various travels with ease – after every holiday, there are always many stories to tell!

Don’t forget, this just the beginning of the Evaneos Travel application! We welcome your comments or suggestions, that you can send directly from the application menu. The Evaneos Travel team is dedicated to becoming your greatest travel companion before, during, and after your trips!

Detail information: https://goo.gl/lAZNie


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