Avisador de radares NOTON – Notices Radars, path management and reading notifications.

Avisador de radares NOTON

Notices Radars, path management and reading notifications.

Avisador de radares NOTON screenshot 0Avisador de radares NOTON screenshot 1Avisador de radares NOTON screenshot 2Avisador de radares NOTON screenshot 3Avisador de radares NOTON screenshot 4Avisador de radares NOTON screenshot 5Avisador de radares NOTON screenshot 6Avisador de radares NOTON screenshot 7

NOTON is a radar warning device that integrates:
– NOTICES RADAR (Spain and Portugal) including new radars PHOTO and Residential Priority Areas.
– Automatic start BLUETOOTH
– Can not remember where he parked? NOTON WILL HELP FIND YOUR CAR.
– Crumbing

NOTON is a free fully functional application, to continue its development includes advertising.
If you want to remove advertising can install NOTON + will keep all your data and will NOTON without any advertising.

AVISADOR RADAR: Enabling this feature will alert NOTON nearby radar while driving. Will inform fixed, mobile, radar stretch, light radar, radar tunnel, breathalyser tests, blackheads, radars … If your speed exceeds the limit of the radar, NOTON alert you with a beep sound.
NOTON works with LaradioBBS.net database, so you have a radar warning device with high performance.

READING NOTICES: If this functionality NOTON read aloud (via TTS) notifications that reach the status bar of your device. This way you can be aware of the arrival of new emails, new SMS, missed calls, alarms, messages, social networking … without having to touch the phone.

Crumbing: Whenever functionality warnings radar is activated, either automatically (auto-start Bluetooth), or manually, NOTON record basic information about the route taken as Date / Time Start and End of the line, elapsed time and kilometers.
You can view this information in both the application itself and using the Trayectos.csv file that is stored in the NOTON folder on your memory card.

FIND VEHICLE: From the routes screen, clicking on the last leg, has the option to Find Car, Google Maps directly start telling you where I park the car.

FAVOURITE PLACES: From the screen tracks can store a position as a favorite location. If the end point of a journey is near a bookmark is reflected in the way the destination. All favorite places are managed from your particular screen and can edit the description of each location and even start the browser to guide the favorite place you want.

OPERATION IN SECOND PLANE: Both radars service announcements such as reading service notifications work in the background and may use any other application without losing any notification or warning. In the notification bar you can see at any time the status of both services.

AUTOMATIC START BY BLUETOOTH: By default both services are configured to start automatically when it detects a Bluetooth connection to a headset.
For reading service notification is required to permit access to NOTON accessibility. To enable accessibility must go to Settings> Accessibility and turn on the box NOTON. Clicking on the button READING NOTIFICATIONS go directly to the Accessibility settings to proceed to its activation.

All notices and notices of radars are made using the service TTS (Text to Speech). This service is installed by default in most mobile phones, however, you can install different voices from the Play Store. In the event notifications and notices NOTON check that you have installed on your computer TTS voices are not heard.

Any problems, questions, comments or suggestions about NOTON send it to our service notonapp@live.com assistance, we will be happy to assist you.

See detail information: https://goo.gl/wIRNyW


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