Easy Go – ★ Travel with EasyGo and receive gifts! ★ Check out travel info, stamp tours!

Easy Go

★ Travel with EasyGo and receive gifts! ★ Check out travel info, stamp tours!

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▶ What is EasyGo?

1. Travel and receive gifts!
Write a review at a travel destination and receive a special gift from EasyGo!
Join the stamp tour!
Tired of the same old itinerary? Collect stamps and receive special items along the way!

2. EasyGo Radar: The nearest tourist site is just a click away!
EasyGo tells you automatically which places are near your current location.

3. Booking has never been easier!
View and book nearby activities with the click of a button.

Wait! There’s more:
‘Recommended Places Nearby’ automatically lets you know what is near your current location.
Use the Bookmark function to keep track of potential destinations, itineraries, stamp tours, and other activities.
The Travel Style Analysis gives you customized travel recommendations based on your preferences.

Look out, world! EasyGo is expanding its services not only in Korea but also Japan and Guam!

EasyGo will continue to strive to improve our users’ traveling experience.

If you experience problems or have any questions, please feel free to contact us through the app or at help@easygo.biz.

From all of us at EasyGo

See detail information and download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/GxouCA


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