RingGo Parking – No coins for your parking? With RingGo you can park with your credit/debit card

RingGo Parking

No coins for your parking? With RingGo you can park with your credit/debit card

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Want parking peace of mind?

Don’t carry round pocketfuls of coins – with the RingGo Android app you can pay by phone for your parking with your credit or debit card instead. This app lets you book a session in seconds, all without standing in line for a machine!

RingGo’s the UK No. 1

Why use RingGo? RingGo is the UK’s leading phone parking service with the largest coverage. Which means that wherever you go, you’ll most likely be able to park with us.
– Rated a Top 10 Best Motoring App by the Daily Telegraph
– Available at almost 12,000 sites across the UK
– Offered by more than 100 local authorities across the UK, 7 railway operators and many private parking operators (like NCP)
– The mostly widely available service in London (use it for City of Westminster ParkRight parking too)

Download the app now and start parking with RingGo

The RingGo Android app makes paying to park easy. It’s the fast, secure way to:
– Locate your nearest or most recent parking
– Pay by phone for your parking
– Top up your parking without going back to your car
– Add or change your registered vehicles
– Add or change your registered payment cards
– Manage your account

We now have so many sites offering RingGo that the initial download may take a minute or two. Just think how much time you’ll be saving from now on!
Questions? Please see our help pages at myRingGo.co.uk/help.

And if you’re having any problems with the latest version of the RingGo app please try deleting and reinstalling. If this doesn’t solve things then get in touch via apps@RingGo.com. We’re here to help!

The RingGo smartphone app is tested and maintained to work effectively on the most up to date official version of your platforms operating system e.g. iOS/Android/Windows. Using the app on older versions, pre-release (including public betas) or otherwise altered versions of the operating system may result in missing features and/or instability. Issues can be reported to our support teams via the help centre.

What you need to know about permissions

The RingGo application needs to have access to the following:
– Location
– We need to know the device’s location so we can pin-point nearby parking spaces.
Photos / Media / Files
– This is required for Google Play Services (Google Maps). Google caches map information to your phone’s memory. But RingGo does not – and will not – access any of your files.
– As you might imagine, we need secure access to the web to find parking information and allow you to pay by phone.

See detail information: https://goo.gl/AjlDWG


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