Tunis Aéroport – Master the time spent in Tunis Carthage airport, Tunisia

Tunis Aéroport

Master the time spent in Tunis Carthage airport, Tunisia

Tunis Aéroport screenshot 0Tunis Aéroport screenshot 1Tunis Aéroport screenshot 2Tunis Aéroport screenshot 3Tunis Aéroport screenshot 4Tunis Aéroport screenshot 5Tunis Aéroport screenshot 6Tunis Aéroport screenshot 7

Tunis Airport is the application developed by flights.mobile for Android mobiles.

Monitor your flights from your mobile, as if you were in the hall of the airport.

This is a free application that brings together all the essential information about flights to and from the International Tunis Carthage Airport, Tunisia

The application allows you to search for flights:
– To Tunis,
– From Tunis,
– By flight number to or from Tunis

Available information:
– Flight number, airline company,
– Airports and terminals (start and finish)
– Date and time of departure / arrival of the flight (local time at airports).
– The status of flights (At the time, planned, delayed, canceled …)

Flight status is displayed in real time (flight tracker).

Warning: Please arrive before the deadline for registration set by your airline.

Download apk file: https://goo.gl/ErJwxu


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