Aletsch Arena – Alongside AR and GPS navigation for the ski areas, the app features useful tools

Aletsch Arena

Alongside AR and GPS navigation for the ski areas, the app features useful tools

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Alongside augmented reality and GPS navigation for the ski areas, the Aletsch Arena app features many more useful tools. Find tips for tours, accommodation and restaurants that match your needs or take the perfect photo to remember your visit by and instantly share it with your friends. All in a single app.


Exploration made easy, thanks to augmented reality. Location-specific facts and information on the surrounding mountains and the Aletsch Arena. The information is displayed automatically. You can even explore the viewpoints in bad weather.

*Map and Navigation*
With the Aletsch Arena app on your smartphone, you’ll find it hard to lose your way on the slopes of the Aletsch Arena. The Aletsch Arena app has built-in GPS navigation for the main pistes in the Aletsch Arena.
Choose your destination and the route you want to take, and the Aletsch Arena app will show you the most direct way to get there.
Hotspots allow stations, restaurants, bars and toilets to be displayed. Simply choose your destination and let the app guide the way.

No need to waste time looking up emergency numbers. The app connects you directly to the local mountain rescue service in the Aletsch Arena. It also transmits your location, so help can reach you quicker.

*Photo wall*
On TV it goes under the name of “bluescreen”. And it’s now part of the Aletsch Arena app. Stand in front of the photo wall at Moosfluh, Bettmerhorn and Eggishorn and take the perfect souvenir photo to share with friends. Sunshine guaranteed.

Overview and status of a large number of restaurants and bars on the mountain, with direct navigation.

*Weather and Webcams*
Weather and snow forecasts plus the latest pictures from the webcams, direct from the Aletsch Arena.

The Aletsch Arena app has been launched for the winter 2015/2016 season by the cableways and is being continuously upgraded.

Download apk file for your android phone:


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