Cachoeiras Estrada Real – Your GPS the Royal Road

Cachoeiras Estrada Real

Your GPS the Royal Road

Cachoeiras Estrada Real screenshot 0Cachoeiras Estrada Real screenshot 1Cachoeiras Estrada Real screenshot 2Cachoeiras Estrada Real screenshot 3Cachoeiras Estrada Real screenshot 4Cachoeiras Estrada Real screenshot 5Cachoeiras Estrada Real screenshot 6

The App Waterfalls Royal Road is an initiative that adds new tourism trends associated with information technology.
A modern tool for the induction of tourism flows in natural areas of the Royal Road.

Includes the georeferenced mapping and collection of minimum information on natural and attractive cities, plus an exclusive audiovisual production, with images captured by Drones and professional cameras.

The cities listed in the application are the 1st stage of the project: 21 cities, 180 waterfalls and more than 100 attractions. Are they:

Aiuruoca MG
Baependi MG
Bananl SP
scowls MG
Caxambu MG
Ibitipoca MG Conception
Congonhas MG
cruise SP
Cunha SP
Diamantina MG
Itamonte MG
New Lavras MG
Lavrinhas SP
Ouro Preto
Paraty RJ
Passa Quatro MG
picket SP
queluz SP
Santa Cruz de Minas – MG
St. John Del Rei – MG
Sao Jose do Barreiro SP
Sao Thome das Letras MG
Serra do Cipo MG
Trinity RJ
Tiradentes MG
Virginia MG

constant updates Cities

Company Idealizer: Ecoguias
Developer: Rafael Sachetto

Download apk file for android:


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