Etaximo – Taxi Of Choice – Choose your driver and pay for your ride.

Etaximo - Taxi Of Choice

Choose your driver and pay for your ride.

Etaximo - Taxi Of Choice screenshot 0Etaximo - Taxi Of Choice screenshot 1Etaximo - Taxi Of Choice screenshot 2Etaximo - Taxi Of Choice screenshot 3Etaximo - Taxi Of Choice screenshot 4Etaximo - Taxi Of Choice screenshot 5

Etaximo lets you choose your taxi driver, take a ride and pay for it with your credit card or by cash.

Promo: Pay for your first ride by card with MasterPass and get 25 UAH discount!

Using Etaximo app you don’t just request any driver blindly, but you make a conscious choice among available drivers around you. You have got the following driver features to choose by:

– Maker, model and year of assembly of a car
– Driver rating
– Ride price
– Pickup time

To pay for your rides you can add your payment card to the app through secure MasterPass wallet from MasterCard and use this card later on with Etaximo or any other app that supports MasterPass. You can as well just pay in cash for your taxi ride.

To order a taxi in Etaximo app you should do the following:

1. See available cabs nearby on the map
2. Confirm your pickup location
3. Specify a destination point and see the route
4. Choose payment type – card or cash
5. Choose 1 or several drivers from those around you by rating, car, price and pickup time
6. Control your driver en route
7. Confirm your ride payment
8. Rate the driver and leave your comment

Currently the service is available in Kharkiv (Kharkov), Odesa (Odessa), Zaporizhia (Zaporozhye). The service is also in trial mode for Kyiv (Kiev).

Detail information and download apk file for android:


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