Prepare a Trip – Prepare a Trip is Your Packing List App for holiday or business trips

Prepare a Trip

Prepare a Trip is Your Packing List App for holiday or business trips

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Prepare a trip is the ultimate travel planner.

After entering the travel destination, an ideal packing list is generated, containing necessary things for the next holiday or business trip. Moreover, location-specific top sights are generated by the app.

In that context, not only the destination and current weather conditions are taken into account when generating a checklist. In addition, information about means of transport, travel group, type of accommodation, age and gender will be considered if desired.

Prepare a Trip is technically based on an intelligent selection mechanism, which generates individual trip lists from a list of more than 200 things and 300 international top sights. Checklists are constantly expanded by an editorial team.

Recommended packing list items can be bought directly at different Amazon Marketplaces

Finally, own suggestions for attractions and things can be transmitted to the editors, by using the recommendation function of the app.

Download apk file for android:


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