Balado Discovery Tours Guides – Self-guided tours network with maps and Balado multimedia contents

Balado Discovery Tours Guides

Self-guided tours network with maps and Balado multimedia contents

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BaladoDiscovery offers free self-guided tours, including maps, suggested routes, trails, points of interest, and GPS location, as well as photos, audio files, texts and vidéo files. Discover fascinating stories, unique architecture or charming city street with local flavour and tucked-away treasures!

BaladoDiscovery is the worldwide pioneer of this type of sightseeing using a mobile app. Many of these circuits are in Canada and United States: over 150 locations, from Vancouver to Halifax, passing by Quebec City, Sherbrooke, Maine and Louisiana. There are also several tours in Europe and in Africa. The smartphone becomes the virtual tour guide, sometimes in audio, sometimes via video or archival films, in addition to maps and geolocation. Explore pockets of local cultural heritage, discover breathtaking natural sights, visit a historical district or take a popular walking tour of a village, or town at your own rhythm.

This tourist guide is accessible on smartphones or tablets. The all-in-one application allows you to preload any tour and then to consult it later off-line, anywhere and at any time, without 3G Internet connection.

BaladoDiscovery offers the largest network of this type of touring experience in Canada. The same convenient tourist guide is also available in French as BaladoDécouverte (you can simply switch the App in French – see “About” menu in your App). Most tours are available in both languages; some even include a 3rd or 4th language.

Each circuit includes professional verified content. Strict standards are put in place to ensure the quality of all the material included in the excursions, including historical archives. Local heritage comes alive by means of authentic stories and anecdotes told by local people. Every tour is approved by at least one official local organization, and then is checked by our editing staff for appropriateness, language, copyright and style, before it becomes available to the public. This quality process is essential in creating the network of BaladoDiscovery’s unique experiences.

In addition to the app, you can see an overview on the website

You can also publish a new tour, including your own multimedia story and route: as a Creator on

This Balado travel guide covers a wide range of themes that include Balado city walk, historical visits, monument trackers, heritage walking tours, public art circuits, and country lane excursions. Here are some of our most popular ones: the fortifications, monuments and architecture of Old Quebec City; castle view, churches and medieval city audio-guide of Fougeres, Balado France; Balado Western Canada and Vancouver’s Chinatown downtown excursian; Balado of Tangier, Morocco; Balado Madrid, Balado Segovia and Mahon, Spain; Montreal; Old Orchard Beach Tourism, Balado Maine (United States of America); Yellowknife Northwest Territories; Sycomore, Mont-Tremblant, Halifax, Rimouski, Magog, Cacouna easy-to-visit, Coaticook Balado tales & country roads, Amqui Tourism, Gaspesia HistoryPin; Victoriaville; Local-Trotter Chibougamau, Tourism office; Arizona (USA); Mont-Laurier Artiz; regions of Pontiac, Ondago Balado tourism Megantic; visorando Balado of the Lower St-Lawrence, Quebec, Magdalen Islands Balado izi explorer; Murals of Sherbrooke, Sepac Park Sity Adventure; Quebec; Sechelt eventiz story, BC; Balado Viator beaches in Saguenay, Quebec; Balado gourmet populiz tours in Bécancour, Mobitour Sète (Quebec); Tourisme Québec; Guiddoo Trail & TouristEye Museums of Prescott and Russell, Ontario; Guidigo gypsy audio light in the old medina of Tanger, Morocco; Sitytrail Zevisit Cirkwi GPSMyCity on Balado, Nestor Ulmon; Cité Mémoire; Aliogo Balado; IZI Geo Balado in Saint-Félicien, Lac Saint-Jean (Québec). Be your guide and enjoy your journey, whether on foot, by bike or by car, and have a great time. Travelers who use Airbnb, Couchsurfing, Lonely Planet, Trivago and Trip Advisor will love it!

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