OsMoDroid free GPS-tracker – Online/offline GPS tracker with lots of features

OsMoDroid free GPS-tracker

Online/offline GPS tracker with lots of features

OsMoDroid free GPS-tracker screenshot 0OsMoDroid free GPS-tracker screenshot 1OsMoDroid free GPS-tracker screenshot 2OsMoDroid free GPS-tracker screenshot 3OsMoDroid free GPS-tracker screenshot 4OsMoDroid free GPS-tracker screenshot 5OsMoDroid free GPS-tracker screenshot 6OsMoDroid free GPS-tracker screenshot 7OsMoDroid free GPS-tracker screenshot 8OsMoDroid free GPS-tracker screenshot 9

GPS-tracker online/offline. You can share the location easily without registration and complicated settings: just install, click “Start” on the tab “Tracker” and pass a link received from the server to your friends and family.

If you need to not only show your location, but to see others you need a group, more about them on the website: osmo.mobi/group/ – to create a group to go through a quick registration, but to join a group, registration is not necessary, because setup is quick and easy.
Managing the group site you can change the colors and nicknames of users to share track and/or waypoints, they will be automatically downloaded to everyone who was part of your group.

There are different modes of the system, read more about them in the system OsMo in your account.

Current information on the application is on the web site osmodroid.com

The application is continually refined. Service OsMo, too. If you have something did not work or does not work – contact customer support and we will help you. The bad reviews here will not remedy the situation.

See detail information and download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/dgFJMB


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