Venice Art & Culture – An in-depth exploration of Venice's history, art and culture.

Venice Art & Culture

An in-depth exploration of Venice's history, art and culture.

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The pleasant place of all festivity,
The revel of the earth, the masque of Italy.

Do you want to really know Venice? The dream city of disguises and moonlit reflections, the regal republic that endured free and flourishing for over a thousand years, does not reveal all its charms on a day trip. Venice: Art & Culture is the app that takes you deeper, with a definitive account of the city’s fabulous history, its culture and ceremony, its monuments and its art.

Comprehensive, erudite and sophisticated, but written with a sense of fun, Venice: Art and Culture is the creation of Dana Facaros and Michael Pauls, authors of over thirty Cadogan Guides and experts on all things Mediterranean. It’s also the first in a new series—Art & Culture Guides— that is dedicated to bringing the old ideal of an informed, serious guidebook into the digital world.

This isn’t your typical guide. There are no listings of hotels and restaurants or other ephemera, no tourist traps or see-Venice-in-a-day mad scrambles, no shopping. All of those are available in scores of apps and sites and books, all much the same. Instead, we give you what no one else can. No other guide comes close in covering every aspect of the Serenissima’s history, architecture, art, festivals, personalities and oddities, in over 500 in-depth articles covering everything from Venice’s courtesan culture to its role in the invention of opera, from the secrets of the mosaics in the Basilica at Torcello to the story behind Harry’s Bar.

Even in the tourist inferno of today, it is easy to get lost in the delightful Venetian labyrinth and find fascinating things that the crowds never see. That is what we offer. And more, we would like to show you the eternal Venice that is more than just a pretty face—in fact, one of the greatest works of the human spirit.

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