Offline GPS route & Navigation – Offline GPS route & GPS Navigation is and optimized & fast GPS location tracker.

Offline GPS route & Navigation

Offline GPS route & GPS Navigation is and optimized & fast GPS location tracker.

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Offline GPS route & Navigation is an Optimized and fast GPS route finder app to find the best and Optimized route to your Destinations. The Application stores the offline Map on the User’s SD card or Memory card time by time thus reducing the extra data traffic and saving the internet data. The map then can later be used Offline from the SD card or Memory card.
The user will select the Source and the Destination for traveling purpose .The user will also have the option to select their current GPS location as source and the intelligent system in the Application will Automatically Locate the user using GPS locator system and will let the user know about the Address at which the user is currently present, after that the user will Press the GET DIRECTION button and the route from the Source to the Destination will be presented to the User on the Map.
After the user is satisfied with the Route then the user can Start Travelling by Pressing the START GPS NAVIGATION Button on the Map. The Intelligent Offline navigation system will Track the user location and the Navigation will start, Voice navigation also help the user with a voice to find the best route. User can also rotate the GPS map with both fingers for different view. Once the Navigation button is pressed, as the user will move towards the Destination the system will create Footsteps on the map as the user will Travel on the Road which will show from where the user has traveled, this Feature which is called backtracking is hardly Available anywhere else. When the User will stop traveling the intelligent system will stop creating Footsteps on the map and will show the user that your location is now stationary. All this GPS Tracking and offline GPS Navigator system will work OFFLINE without using Internet.
The Traveling history of the user will be automatically stored on the Smart Phone and the user can later check the travel history and then again can select that history to travel on. Offline GPS location tracker provides the functionality download the offline map. The user can download the map of any country and city offline. GPS tracker also provides the 3 route system to user destination.
You will not lose your Map data when the cache is cleared. All the Map data is safely stored on the SD Card or Memory Card
Major Features:
1. Offline GPS Map Storage on SD or memory card.
2. Offline inbuilt intelligent navigation system.
3. Footsteps generation for Back Tracking
4. Smart and optimized route finding between source and destination.
5. Automatic user’s location detection and user’s address generation.
6. Offline travel history storage.
7. The user can download the map of any country and city offline.
9. Nearby important Locations e.g. Hospitals, Schools etc. on GPS Map.
10. Voice navigation also helps user with a voice to find the best route guidance.
11. Turn by Turn guide while navigating.
12. GPS Navigation also provides the 3 route system.

Privacy Policy:
Your privacy is important too .Sometimes we need information to provide services that you request; this privacy statement applies to This App only. We Do Not share your Physical Location with Third Party.

See detail information and download apk file for android:


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