Taxi-Zentrale AG, Basel – Book your taxi in Basel and the surrounding area with two clicks to your site!

Taxi-Zentrale AG, Basel

Book your taxi in Basel and the surrounding area with two clicks to your site!

Taxi-Zentrale AG, Basel screenshot 0Taxi-Zentrale AG, Basel screenshot 1Taxi-Zentrale AG, Basel screenshot 2Taxi-Zentrale AG, Basel screenshot 3Taxi-Zentrale AG, Basel screenshot 4Taxi-Zentrale AG, Basel screenshot 5

About 60,000 taxis available: Order your taxi in Basel and 100 other European cities with two clicks to your site. Enter your special requests known and confirm your order. The journey of your taxi will be displayed. Also pre-orders are possible.

With the taxi app you order your taxi with just 2 clicks. The automatic tracking via GPS your location is determined, even without knowing the exact address. You can instantly see which taxi is in your area and when it can be with you. Then you follow the directions of your taxi live on your screen. Upon arrival of the taxis it will alert you directly on your mobile phone.

• Automatic Positioning via GPS
• Display of vehicles near
• Display of the travel time of the taxis
• Observation of Taxi Driving
• Automatic notification when the taxi has arrived
• Immediate order or reservation
• Manage personal addresses as favorite
• choice of numerous customer requests
•Intuitive operation
• Safe taxi
• 24-hour service hotline for inquiries
• taxi drivers Female and male only tested
• Evaluate your trips

The app works in over 100 European cities in more than 60,000 taxis. Book your taxi in Berlin, Vienna, Zurich, Munich, Hamburg, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Lyon, Antwerp, Rotterdam, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, Essen, Leipzig, Hanover, Duisburg, Wuppertal, Lausanne, Geneva, Basel, Graz , Salzburg, Luxembourg, Linz, Bielefeld, Münster, Augsburg, Kiel, Aachen, Würzburg, Pforzheim, Rastatt, Rostock, Wolfsburg, Baden-Baden, Ulm, Neu-Ulm, Neumünster, Lüneburg, Bitterfeld, Paris, Brussels, Bremen, Cologne , Dortmund, Prague and many other cities.

Detail information and download apk file:


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