Bikemap – Your bike routes – – Your bike routes online

Bikemap - Your bike routes – Your bike routes online

Bikemap - Your bike routes screenshot 0Bikemap - Your bike routes screenshot 1Bikemap - Your bike routes screenshot 2Bikemap - Your bike routes screenshot 3Bikemap - Your bike routes screenshot 4Bikemap - Your bike routes screenshot 5Bikemap - Your bike routes screenshot 6Bikemap - Your bike routes screenshot 7Bikemap - Your bike routes screenshot 8Bikemap - Your bike routes screenshot 9

You enjoy biking and exploring new routes? The free Bikemap app helps you discover new routes to make your next cycling trip awesome!

Bikemap is FREE and no login is required!

In addition, Bikemap offers a subscription-based Premium membership with extra features, e.g. Offline Maps and Offline Navigation.

Almost 3 million routes worldwide are available on Bikemap created by our large community of passionate bikers. View routes on a map designed for cyclists including distance and an interactive elevation profile.

Bikemap assists you with navigation as it shows your current location on an interactive map in real time while cycling on Bikemap routes.

Record your routes on the go and track distance, duration, speed and elevation gain. You can sync your recorded routes with your route collection on and add them to your training log to track your progress!

Keep your friends posted and share your routes on, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and email!

Easily export GPX files of your tracks to use them on other apps and devices!

Download apk file for android:


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