Nsk Zoo – First time in Russia! Mobile app for Novosibirsk zoo.

Nsk Zoo

First time in Russia! Mobile app for Novosibirsk zoo.

Nsk Zoo screenshot 0Nsk Zoo screenshot 1Nsk Zoo screenshot 2Nsk Zoo screenshot 3Nsk Zoo screenshot 4Nsk Zoo screenshot 5Nsk Zoo screenshot 6Nsk Zoo screenshot 7Nsk Zoo screenshot 8

The first GIS solution for a zoo in Russia!
Zoo Nsk is a free mobile application for the Novosibirsk zoo, one of the three biggest zoos in Russia. Zoo Nsk is provided to navigate on the zoo territory and to inform visitors about the zoo animals, attractions, working hours, and services. The Zoo Nsk app is a great chance to make your visit to the Novosibirsk zoo more interactive and usable. The zoo has over eleven thousand animals from all over the world and is an active participant of different captive breeding programs for endangered species.
Featured functionality:

· Zoom in/out, pan
· Switch on/off map layers (animals, cafes, attractions, etc)
· View information about working hours, tickets price, provided services, and planned events
· Locate your current position
· Search by animal names, including nicknames (if any)
· View information about animals, cafes, attractions, kids railway time-table, etc.

See detail information: https://goo.gl/IZjIl4


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