Around Me – Around Me will help you find anything near you or anywhere in the world

Around Me

Around Me will help you find anything near you or anywhere in the world

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Ever looked for a gas station near you? or an ATM? or needed to call a taxi but didn’t have the number?
Look no further because AROUNDME recognizes your location and immediately finds what you are looking for
either based on the nearest to you or a keyword search. Moreover, AROUNDME also identifies places that are currently open so if you get a midnight craving for pizza and are not sure what’s open near you, AROUNDME will
quickly give you the closest open place.
AROUNDME also offers users the opportunity to get directions by car, bike or walk.

AROUNDME is THE app to have if you are in a new city and need to know your way around, if you are always looking for different places near you, or just if you need something open at any time.

• Automatically finds your current location and address to find places and share your location with friends and family.
• Shows details of places such as addresses, website, phone numbers, rating, photos and distance from your current location.
• Search options: anything near you by your current location, or anything in the world.
• Get directions on map for car, bike or walk.
• Voice search.
• Add the places you like the most to your favorites.
• Choose between showing only currently open places.
• Supports all devices and screen orientations.
• Choose the distance default units (metric/imperial).
• Different map views, such as satellite or regular map views.
• Google Street View.
• Home screen widget – for always staying updated.

See detail information and download apk file:


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