Benzin Al – Fast, secure and easy to Gas Takes longer in your pocket!

Benzin Al

Fast, secure and easy to Gas Takes longer in your pocket!

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Fast, secure and easy to Gas Takes longer in your pocket!

Do not want to wait as fuel while? Does your credit card transactions are unnecessary and long? Now you can get fuel without making them. Takes you safe from stroke gasoline these services on your car, offers the possibility of a quick and easy way to make your smart phone.

Gas Ala How can I become a member?

You can fill out applications or address from the pre-registration form. Then confirm your subscription by calling the front you Buy Gas, contracts will deliver to you.

Gasoline Buy How it Works?

Automation, which will be fitted to your vehicle with fuel after the signing of the contract ring or card Ala Filling Your input is provided. System is activated after the completion of this process, and now Al Petrol fuel purchases you make with your application quickly, you can safely and easily.

Al gasoline Why am I using?

– Allows you to fuel your vehicle from stroke.
– Reduces the time you spend at the gas station.
– Cash, credit card, are waiting for the process to take actions such as receipt or invoice is completed.
– Get past the petrol application you can view your fuel purchases.
– Add more than one credit card Gas Al application, you can use the credit card you want your fuel purchases.
– Can take advantage of discount prices achieved by corporate firms.

Al Gas Safety

With the ability to pay your mobile application without leaving your petrol Al tool allows you maximum security. The use of smart phones in accordance with EU standards station is not recommended. HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) from your pay you after leaving Al Petrol filling stations in accordance with the legislation allows you to make payments on time reminding you that you are eligible.

See more information and download apk file for your android phone:


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