CepVakit (DİB Namaz Vakitleri) – MFA is an application offering prayers without an internet connection.

CepVakit (DİB Namaz Vakitleri)

MFA is an application offering prayers without an internet connection.

CepVakit (DİB Namaz Vakitleri) screenshot 0CepVakit (DİB Namaz Vakitleri) screenshot 1CepVakit (DİB Namaz Vakitleri) screenshot 2CepVakit (DİB Namaz Vakitleri) screenshot 3CepVakit (DİB Namaz Vakitleri) screenshot 4CepVakit (DİB Namaz Vakitleri) screenshot 5CepVakit (DİB Namaz Vakitleri) screenshot 6CepVakit (DİB Namaz Vakitleri) screenshot 7

The advantages of our program;
+ Advertising None (except Sponsor impression)
+ Monitor feature (that made prayer to examine how many rak’ahs)
+ 6 Widget
+ Sun and the Moon Determination of Qibla
+ Gregorian dump and 3-month time viewing them Hijri
+ Throughout the year, does not require an internet connection (shared, there is no risk of your personal data for Internet access permission is not desirable)
+ Low size (1.7 MB)
+ Contrasting colors for visual difficulties attracting display option

Developed for mobile, an application that allows the tracking of prayer times. Religious Affairs’ s annual measurements situated inside the program, so the program does not require an internet connection. Application provides a fast operation with a service running in the foreground. In addition, the notification icon in the remaining time and MFA ‘s time with equanimity – / + 4 min are shown.

> Religious Affairs prayer times (3 months time data listing)
> Stimulation system (time and also at the entrance ahead of time)
> Get automatic mute
> Notification Service (can be disabled)
> Monitor feature
> Districts setting
> Qibla determination (with the help of the compass or the Sun & Moon)
> Gangs of accident
> rosary

We thank all of our users who comment separating valuable time. Before making comments about Compass to experiment with another program that you consider the following note and we would ask you. Problems with compass device is welded, the software shows kiblah according to the information received from the device only.

(For compass use, first, to reset the device’s magnetism -hava 8 phones to draw quickly move ettirilmesi-, metallic and magnetic objects lack of equipment in close proximity should be kept parallel to the floor.)

Download apk file: https://goo.gl/tOfDVq


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