The Hague Touristy – City walk with photo navigation | Also functions without map, GPS and internet

The Hague Touristy

City walk with photo navigation | Also functions without map, GPS and internet

The Hague Touristy screenshot 0The Hague Touristy screenshot 1The Hague Touristy screenshot 2The Hague Touristy screenshot 3The Hague Touristy screenshot 4The Hague Touristy screenshot 5The Hague Touristy screenshot 6The Hague Touristy screenshot 7

This city walk of about 5 kilometers guides you along historical and modern aspects of The Hague. Along the way you’ll pass historic buildings and palaces, sculptures and statues, ancient churches and museums, modern and authentic shopping areas, embassies and galleries. Of course, you will visit the political hart of Holland Binnenhof, but you also see the new urban development of The Hague.

This smartphone city walk is available in English, Dutch, German and Spanish.

Although you can start this walk through The Hague at any point, in the app you can choose a number of predefined entry points. One of the entry points is in front of The Hague Central Station:

Photo navigation: The app guides you with recognizable photos and clear instructions along the most beautiful spots of a city. During the walk you will be informed about interesting sights and alerted to special locations through photos and text. GPS & internet: Walk the City works by photo navigation, so the app also function without GPS signal and internet connection. To reduce battery consumption and data usage, you can disable these features, the app continues to function and you can continue to enjoy the walk. Your own tempo: Our smartphone city walks are about 5 kilometer (3 miles) long. Nice shop seen, a break at a cozy terrace or visit a museum? Do you want to stroll or would you like to keep up the pace? With the app of Walk the City you choose your own tempo! Walk Smart, Walk the City!

Download apk file for your android phone:


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