GOL | Airline Tickets – GOL New App: Change flights, buy tickets, check-in your flights and a much more.

GOL | Airline Tickets

GOL New App: Change flights, buy tickets, check-in your flights and a much more.

GOL | Airline Tickets screenshot 0GOL | Airline Tickets screenshot 1GOL | Airline Tickets screenshot 2GOL | Airline Tickets screenshot 3GOL | Airline Tickets screenshot 4GOL | Airline Tickets screenshot 5GOL | Airline Tickets screenshot 6GOL | Airline Tickets screenshot 7GOL | Airline Tickets screenshot 8GOL | Airline Tickets screenshot 9GOL | Airline Tickets screenshot 10GOL | Airline Tickets screenshot 11GOL | Airline Tickets screenshot 12GOL | Airline Tickets screenshot 13

Download it free of charge and enjoy all it has to offer:

* Purchasing tickets: your next trip is one tap away. When you tap to “Purchase here,” you gain access to features that speed up the entire experience, like a credit card reader, which speeds up the process of entering your card’s information by capturing the information with your phone’s camera.

* Check-in: you have the choice of checking in or canceling your check-in whenever you want, from wherever you are. By using your ticket’s locator code, your Smiles number, CPF or just your first and last name, you can start checking in and select your preferred seat during the process. When you’re done, you’ll receive your boarding pass on your smartphone.

* My reservations: now you can manage your reservation completely, right from your phone. You can change your seat, reschedule or change your flight, and much more.

* Flight status: monitor details and information on your flight’s times and status.

* Traffic on your way to the airport: starting four hours before your flight, the app uses your phone’s location to determine where you are and sends you notifications about traffic on the way to the airport. If necessary, you have the option of rescheduling to an earlier or later flight, depending on availability.

* Parking reminder: take pictures of where you parked your car and use the geolocation service to save your spot’s location. The reminder is saved on the app so you can look it up when you return.

* Baggage reminder: before you check your baggage, take pictures of it and make any notes you wish. The reminder will be stored on your app.

* Smiles: Smiles clients have one more convenient feature on the GOL app: you can check your mileage balance, mileage history, and details about your category.

The new features don’t stop there! The app also includes a “Travel worry-free” section with tips and information to help you during your trip, access to channels through which you can contact us, and “Talk about our app,” another channel dedicated exclusively to comments, questions and suggestions about the app.

See more information and download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/sB0CIb


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