Korean Air – For white screen issue, please update “Android System WebView” application.

Korean Air

For white screen issue, please update “Android System WebView” application.

Korean Air screenshot 0Korean Air screenshot 1Korean Air screenshot 2Korean Air screenshot 3Korean Air screenshot 4

* If your application version is earlier than 5.0.0, please install a new version after removing existing one.

For our customers’ convenience, Korean Air has upgraded our mobile app.

In the newly upgraded Korean Air mobile app, customers can again book tickets, cancel domestic and international reservations, and refund domestic tickets.

Also, Korean Air’s mobile app will our improve customers’ experience through its new screen layout, which allows customers to check in and to check their schedule, flight status, mileage details, etc.

Korean Air’s mobile service is available through both our mobile app and our mobile site (m.koreanair.com).

We recommend that users of the Korean Air mobile app upgrade to the latest version.

Android 4.0.3 (or later) is supported.

< Available Services >

- Book tickets and manage reservations/tickets

– Check in and check boarding pass

- Check schedule/flight status

– Check mileage and mobile card

– View promotional information

- Find Korean Air office information and read notifications

* If there is a problem with the login after update, please clear the app cache.
(Setting > Apps > Korean Air > Clear cache)

Download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/QKMHVL


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