Radarwarner Lite – Blitzer DE – Take care of your driver's license! GPS Radar Detector Pro 100% legal

Radarwarner Lite - Blitzer DE

Take care of your driver's license! GPS Radar Detector Pro 100% legal

Radarwarner Lite - Blitzer DE screenshot 0Radarwarner Lite - Blitzer DE screenshot 1Radarwarner Lite - Blitzer DE screenshot 2Radarwarner Lite - Blitzer DE screenshot 3Radarwarner Lite - Blitzer DE screenshot 4Radarwarner Lite - Blitzer DE screenshot 5

Take care of your driver’s license! GPS Radar Detector Pro 100% legal and reliable.

Drive safely and relaxed without fear of traffic tickets. With this app you get the Lite version of the full RADAR WARNER Pro Vialsoft.

Our BLITZER database is updated daily and offers free continuous improvements and updates. WITHOUT SUBSCRIPTIONS AND EXTRA!

The radar detector Lite recognizes permanently installed speed cameras in GERMANY: The Pro version recognizes all Blitzer types: FIXED AND MOBILE BLITZER, TUNNEL AND LIGHTS BLITZER. In addition, reference is made to POLICE CHECKS and DANGEROUS ACCIDENT PRIORITIES.
Click on the link to access the full version of Pro: goo.gl/z1FWUF

– Integration in the routing of all standard GPS NAVIGATION DEVICES. Here route announcements and BLITZER warnings are issued simultaneously.
– Battery saving mode The app can run in the background. Even when the screen is to get the warnings!
– Choose among 4 display modes. Including a 3D mode with Enhanced Reality, which provides you with an accurate view of the speed camera location.
– Simple and modern user interface. Location, direction and distance to the next speed camera are displayed in real time together with the speed limit.
– Speech on completely GERMAN
– Warning tones when approaching a BLITZER.
– Warnings when the speed limit is exceeded.
– Vibration mode for motorcyclists.
– Warning distances and warning parameters freely configurable.
– No data connection for displaying the speed camera locations required. The Internet connection is required only for display in the map mode.

This software is designed specifically for use on German roads. The user interface always displays the most important information. The radar detector Pro was developed by Vialsoft and tested in GERMANY. You can download the app WORRY.

For questions or suggestions please contact us at any time: soporte@vialsoft.es

Detail information and download apk file: https://goo.gl/F4wQ9r


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