Chubb Travel Smart – This is the place for travel, medical, security information while travelling.

Chubb Travel Smart

This is the place for travel, medical, security information while travelling.

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ACE has changed its name to Chubb following the acquisition of Chubb on 14 January 2016. This is the re-branded version of the Travel Smart app (formerly ACE Travel Smart app, now called Chubb Travel Smart).

PLEASE NOTE: The Chubb Travel Smart app is available only for policy subscribers.

Chubb Travel Smart is the go-to app for the travel, medical, and security information you need for your trip. Stay connected at all times with links to the member- exclusive Worldview and virtual wallet. Have 24/7 access to emergency assistance at the touch of a button, receive real-time security alerts, look up your destination details, search for travel health conditions, and more!

What’s included:

– Chubb Section: Chubb Worldview and virtual wallet link
– Assistance: Emergency button for access to assistance 24/7
– Destination Content: Destination demographics, culture, embassies
– Medical Information: Travel health conditions & medications with search tool
– Security: Real-time alerts plus safety information including crime, climate, and other hazards
– Tools: Weather, Currency Converter

Chubb Travel Smart is provided by Ingle International Inc. (o/a Intrepid 24/7)

See more information:


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