DREAM道の駅 – Station stamp of Honda DREAM road is Larry national edition stamp tool.


Station stamp of Honda DREAM road is Larry national edition stamp tool.

DREAM道の駅 screenshot 0DREAM道の駅 screenshot 1DREAM道の駅 screenshot 2DREAM道の駅 screenshot 3DREAM道の駅 screenshot 4

So far it is also a national edition stamp tool of “Honda DREAM Road Station stamp rally” which was done in part of the Honda DREAM shop.
2016 season is from April 1 to the end of November. You can compete for the national rankings in the stamp number On Road Station nationwide 1,079 locations (2016 of March).
Solo touring is also good, to be good to make sure friends and traveling in met riders and friends registered to friends touring situation, should be in addition to one of the fun of touring.
You can win a batch depending on the acquired stamp number.

Download operating environment 😦 always on top of the reading)
Android 4.01 or more (the model of the “Android6.0.x” You may not be able to support.)

How to use:
After downloading, those who participate in the stamp rally ※ find the nearest Honda DREAM shop, please tell us the “station stamp rally of the entry of the road” at your local Honda DREAM shop. After joining accepted at the shop of the terminal, the terminal is activated, you can press the stamp When you start the app was stopped in such as in a touring “station of the road”.

※ The entry requires a Honda Dream Owner’s card. In addition, new membership, also will be subject to more of the load service mini. The 2016 stamp rally entry, will cost 500 yen in the Honda DREAM shop.

please note:
So as not not operate to start this application while driving
Please enjoy a safe touring.

Detail information and download apk file: https://goo.gl/KEMxBv


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