SocialDrive – The social network of drivers in real time


The social network of drivers in real time

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The social network drivers to real-time, 100% legal through which you can inform and be informed about radars, controls or other incidents in your area anywhere in Spain. An aid between drivers to be aware of what happens on the road.
Informs the administrator if you see any incident related to the road and be informed through notifications on your mobile phone free.
All information received user is verified by administrators in order App notices that reach effectively to the area corresponding manner.

• 100% ANONYMOUS: No need user registration
• CHECK AND CANCELED: Possibility to mark verification if the incidence remains in the place of that notice, or mark that is no longer in that place
• ALWAYS FREE (downloads, updates …)
• REAL TIME NOTIFICATION: Warning through notifications on your mobile phone areas that you want to keep informed (Optional)
• FINES to notify you free if you have fined and help you turn

SocialDrive has worked with wazypark parking app, app sharing trip travel and Legálitas.

Any questions, concerns or suggestions will be answered personally:

Furthermore you can find us at our website:

* Please stop the vehicle strongly when using the application for your safety and that of other drivers

See more information and download apk file for your android phone:


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