Мой Тай – This application will help you in Tae and make vacation more comfortable and carefree

Мой Тай

This application will help you in Tae and make vacation more comfortable and carefree

Мой Тай screenshot 0Мой Тай screenshot 1Мой Тай screenshot 2Мой Тай screenshot 3Мой Тай screenshot 4

Application for those who travel to Thailand for short and long stay.

Using our app you can order a fascinating tour, go fishing, visit the restaurants with good and delicious food, exercise, rent or buy property in Thailand. In addition, you will find no difficulty photographer, rent a car or bike, spend the holiday and will be able to spend a romantic evening, leaving your child experienced nurse. Guide services, taxi, SPA-salon is always at your fingertips.

Visit the market or grocery store, you can specify in the application how the fruit in front of you, and if you need help, you can call directly from the application of hot phone to an appropriate service.

You can, of applications, to share their impressions of the trip, read reviews from other, take part in actions, leave photos and share recommendations with friends.

The application is built so that you can spend your time in Thailand the most interesting and rich.

The app will be constantly supplemented and updated, will connect the new features. Our application – a living organism that grows and thanks to your support. If you have suggestions, tips, comments – please send them to our mail and we’ll keep your opinion. Especially valuable are your tips and suggestions on the initial stage of filling the application. We want to see you and all users get the most useful and accurate information, and to ensure that our service was the most convenient for you.

Download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/hvuZSw


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