Apartamentos Cala Morell – Application of Cala Morell Apartments with all the information to clients

Apartamentos Cala Morell

Application of Cala Morell Apartments with all the information to clients

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Located 7 km from Ciutadella, Cala Morell with its distinctive white houses and a large pine forest, it is an area of ​​great landscape value. Limit is a natural area of ​​special interest covering up VALL, characterized by having beautiful virgin and fine sandy beaches. The beauty of the area is vast and tranquility that produces its sweeping views relaxes the senses. Located in the gorge of Cala Morell and with fabulous views of the bay are the Talayotic necropolis remarkable set of prehistoric caves. Its location is unique, so your visit, open access is required.

Through our application you will have updated information on:

– Schedules apartments, activities and services
– Apartments, facilities, bars, restaurants and services
– Rentals available for customers
– The weather for today and the next days
– Location of the apartments
– Activities and excursions
– The Zone: map, transport, shops, services, attractions, routes, markets, festivals, etc.

You can also publish your experience in our apartments and contact us.

Detail information: https://goo.gl/gqGIq7


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