Frappé, az élménykereső – Search experience from day to day actions and programs in Gyor and Szeged.

Frappé, az élménykereső

Search experience from day to day actions and programs in Gyor and Szeged.

Frappé, az élménykereső screenshot 0Frappé, az élménykereső screenshot 1Frappé, az élménykereső screenshot 2Frappé, az élménykereső screenshot 3Frappé, az élménykereső screenshot 4Frappé, az élménykereső screenshot 5Frappé, az élménykereső screenshot 6Frappé, az élménykereső screenshot 7

The Frappe search experience catering, entertainment programs and databases. The application is currently two cities, Gyor and Szeged best sites of get every day new promotions, coupons, programs, specialties phone.

The Frape has been put together to hozzájuthass few steps in the appropriate place for you. Restaurant or breakfast bar, cafe or pubhoz, menüzőhöz or entertainment facilities. The best ones. We also find out what’s near you is open.
We recommend also to the individual needs. Are you looking for an evening game viewing? Or a romantic dinner? The party? Musical space looking for? Or calm? Gourmet, artisan cooking? Neta cheap, fast food? The frappe find the right offer!
dining places, cafes, nightlife, festivals, artist sites, recreational services in the frappe together we guarantee that your application will always be new, you’ll be curious!
Ongoing promotions, coupons, programs, or quality, exciting new information you supply is delivered to the appban.
The Frappe main functions:
– Referrals Gyor and Szeged, catering, entertainment and program offer.
– Map and list view sites, programs near you.
– Promotions, coupons, information and food and beverage specialty product.
– Events, parties, festivals, performances in Szeged.
– Invite friends, places, programs sharing, calendar, favorites or administration.
– Login with Facebook logins.
– Select City in settings
Give us your feedback, suggestions or the message board on the trading application at http: // page

Download apk file for your android phone:


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