Indian Railways Inquiry (PRO) – Indian Rail Inquiry is ONE STOP SOLUTION to know PNR status & get train info

Indian Railways Inquiry (PRO)

Indian Rail Inquiry is ONE STOP SOLUTION to know PNR status & get train info

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Indian Railways Inquiry (PRO) android application is ONE STOP SOLUTION to know PNR status details, real time trains & station information. It is completely ads-free and enables all PRO-only functions.

List of Special/Holiday trains & Cancelled trains are PRO functions.

☞ Glimpse of Indian Railway Inquiry (PRO):
■ PNR Status, Records & Notifier :
✔ Are you worried to know your ticket/PNR status? Now it’s time to relax because this application made it easy to search PNR status, maintain PNR records and an automated PNR status notification right on your notification bar.
✔ Easy to refresh PNRs & quick way to view latest PNR status

■ Train between stations:
✔ Thousands of thousands trains running all over India. But now this application made it possible to filter/search trains and its schedule. Just enter source and destination station & get list of trains within few seconds.

■ Special/Holiday trains (PRO only):
✔ People around you are not aware of special trains, it is train added to route during pick time such as holidays and summer vacations. So now why to worry! Choose your train, pack your bags and have a lovely memorable family tour.

■ Cancelled trains (PRO only):
✔ During odd cases such as heavy rain or any unexpected event, few trains are getting cancelled for a day. So instead waiting at platform for long time, do check the list of cancelled trains. This is where our app will help you to check it. Isn’t this cool feature added by our team?

■ Seat availability:
✔ Don’t know the latest seat availability? This application is for you to check available seats. You can filter search based on different criteria such as train, date, class and quota.
✔ Even it enables to share data with colleagues (friends and families)

■ Arrival and Departures:
✔ Ohhh!! Don’t know how long you have to wait at station? Well, just enter station name and get list of incoming/outgoing trains. You may filter on hour basis.
✔ Even it enables to share data with colleagues (friends and families)

■ Fare Inquiry:
✔ Limit your pocket! Define travel budget! Find best suitable trains and fare details.

■ Train schedule & Train Running Status:
✔ It’s really irritates especially when you don’t know about train schedule and expected/real arrival-departure train times. Use Live Train Running Status & make yourself more comfortable and feel secure while travelling to unknown places.

We ♥ to stay connected with our users! If you have any feedback, questions or concerns, please email us at:

We do add advertisement in free apps to raise funds for developer, meanwhile we also care utmost for our users and so here is completely ads-free version of Indian Railways Inquiry.

All icons are either officially purchased or used from material open source data or designed by amature designers.

Disclaimer: This app is not affiliated with IRCTC or Indian Railways.

Download apk file for your android phone:


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